Searching for writers/reviewers/publications that cover experimental film

From: Craig Coleman (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 26 2008 - 22:10:23 PDT


Is there anyone on the Frameworks listserve who lives in Atlanta or middle
Georgia (USA)
who would be interested in writing about a show of experimental works that
currently being shown in the Planetarium of the Museum of Arts and Sciences
in Macon, Georgia? I would do it but as the curator, Iım not really allowed
many publications standards.

Are there any publications that feature articles or reviews of experimental
films or videos that I should get in touch with?

The show is titled ³MERGE VISUAL 360² and features 10 works that range
between 47 seconds and 5 minutes for a total of approximately 40 minutes.
The participants are:
Roger Beebe (who did a film and video performance on the opening night)
Didi Dunphy
Gerald Habarth
Megan Jacobs
Chris Pearce
Preston Poe
Robert Schaller
Rick Silva
Donna Stack
Lee Whittier

The show is presented at 2:00 p.m. everyday and is part of an exhibition of
contemporary art that examines how the computer is being used as a tool by
artists, often times in conjunction with other media and processes.
The show is on display through Nov. 2.

Thank You,

Craig Coleman

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