a projector question

From: Masha Godovannaya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 25 2008 - 13:42:42 PDT

Hi Frameworkers,

Have a question:
I'm planning to buy a 16mm projector - Bell&Howell, 1693 made
in 1980 but i won't have a chance to inspect it because somebody will
buy it for me in Helsinki and i will have to come to the city to pick it up from St.
Petersburg; so what kind of questions i shell ask a guy who is going
to sell the projector? what information should be collected in order to understand
if it's ok or not? What parts in this projector are the most fragile
 and affected by time and wear?
I don't know Bell&Howell well but quick search on
internet wasn't too helpful.
There is a friend of mine in Helsinki who is going to help me with this
purchase, so any advice will be greatly appreciate it!
Thank you!



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