KYTN festival, Dundee, Scotland: you should come?

From: Barry Esson (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 24 2008 - 04:15:30 PDT

Dear friends, I hope youıre well.

I hope that some of you might be interested in out Kill Your Timid Notion
festival: Iıve listed information below. Thereıs lots more here:

Iıll update you with the film programme details in the next couple of days

Cheers now: Barry

Barry Esson
t: +44 (0)7970 682 865

Kill Your Timid Notion
A step across the border between sound and image
A festival of experiment sound-film/ music-image
Dundee Contemporary Arts
10-12 Oct 08


Your eyes see what, like 10 or 15 images a second; thatıs 10Hz. Your ears
can hear 15,000 Hz. Surely there must be something interesting in this

Now in itıs 6th edition, KYTN is one of Europeıs leading festivals of sound
and image. Itıs all about exploring the many different ways we navigate the
borders, disparities and similarities between what we hear and what we see.
It involves some of the great experimental artists, musicians and filmmakers
of our time, and some of the not too distant future also. It features some
hard as nails experimental work, but itıs an experience any right minded
person should enjoy, be confounded by, have an opinion about at least.
features: sine wave charcoal drawing, blindfolded listening, visual
harmonics, optical sound, video-radio-guitar feedback, the Tay bridge, a
sonic photograph of a Dalmatian fishing village, tiny rice paper flags, set

Whatıs not to love?

Experimental film/ sound performances:
Francisco Lopez
Keith Rowe, Kjell Bjorgeengen & Philipp Wachsmann
Benedict Drew & Sachiko M
Malcolm Le Grice & Keith Rowe
Luke Fowler & Lee Patterson
Guy Sherwin
LıAnticoncept (Gil Wolman)
Raha Raissnia & Charles Curtis
Declarative Mode (Paul Sharits)
Aileen Campbell
Seth Cluett

Felix Hess: itıs in the air
Paul Sharits: Epileptic Seizure Comparison

Film Programmes:
7 programmes exploring how sound and image interact, inc: Walter Ruttman,
Luc Ferrari, Hollis Frampton, Luis Recoder, Robert Nelson, Toshiya Tsunoda,
Christoph Migone, David Askevold and loads more.

Talks, workshops, etc and so on...

tickets: £10/ day, £25 for everything
Buy them at: // +44 (0) 1382 909 900

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.