Here: Radical Animation Now

From: Gary Thomas (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 22 2008 - 10:16:55 PDT

The Whitechapel Gallery in London, UK, has a 'radical animation'
event next weekend - featuring Barry Doupe from Canada on Saturday
evening, with the premiere of his feature length 'Ponytail'. And on
Sunday, Jim Hollands shows his feature length work 'Here' - a 3D
visitation (I'd say..) on the 60s BBC production of Joe Orton's The
Erpingham Camp - followed by a live performance by Patricide.
Curated by Ian White.

These are two of the most exciting artists I've encountered in a long
time - physically assualting, psychologically disturbing. I'm excited
and scared.

My declaration of interest is that I'm co-director of Animate
Projects, and we gave some money so they could bring over Barry Doupe
for the screening.

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Barry Doupe -
Jim Hollands -
Animate Projects -

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