Part 1 of 2: This week [September 20 - 28, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 08:18:41 PDT

Part 1 of 2: This week [September 20 - 28, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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"H2O" by Oliver Whitehead

University of Colorado Boulder

CISCO Film Making Contest (Whole World ; Deadline: September 09, 2008)
Gallery RFD (Swainsboro, GA; Deadline: September 21, 2008)
Gallery RFD (Swainsboro, GA; Deadline: October 02, 2008)
Gallery RFD (Swainsboro, GA; Deadline: October 31, 2008)
Hinterland Film Festival (Montague, MA, USA; Deadline: December 01, 2008)

47th Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Deadline: October 15, 2008)
Josh (London, England; Deadline: September 22, 2008)
Videologia (Russia; Deadline: October 20, 2008)
Rubric (Denver, CO, USA; Deadline: September 25, 2008)
FLEX, the Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival (Gainesville, Florida, USA; Deadline: October 01, 2008)
Los Angeles as a Character (Los Angeles, CA USA; Deadline: October 01, 2008)
SoundCast by Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: October 15, 2008)
AMIA Conference (Savannah, Georgia; Deadline: October 07, 2008)
Gallery RFD (Swainsboro, GA; Deadline: September 21, 2008)
Gallery RFD (Swainsboro, GA; Deadline: October 02, 2008)

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 * Visual Music At Expressions Gallery [September 20, Berkeley, California]
 * Basement Basement. [September 20, Bristol]
 * Vincent Grenier Retrospective, 1978-2008 [September 20, Buffalo, New York]
 * The Short Films of Kirthi Nath [September 20, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Tie Retrospective: the Shivering Eyelash [September 20, Houston, Texas]
 * Flixation Underground Film Club [September 20, London, England]
 * Welcome To Mars + Shaw Prelinger + Davis + [September 20, San Francisco, California]
 * Tie Retrospective: the Shivering Eyelash [September 20, TIE Retrospective: The Shivering Eyelash]
 * Michelle Citron's Daughter Rite - 30th Anniversary Screening [September 21, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Filmforum Presents the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour, Part 2 [September 21, Los Angeles, California]
 * Eyes Upside Down, An Illustrated Lecture By P. Adams Sitney [September 22, Cambridge, Massachusetts]
 * California Company Town [September 22, Los Angeles, California]
 * The Films of Dean Snider [September 23, Buffalo, New York]
 * Rosemary's Baby [September 23, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * Hear It To Believe It [September 23, San Francisco]
 * Abstracta, International Abstract Cinema Exhibition [September 23, roma]
 * Cida Film Café Networking Evening [September 24, London, England]
 * Hammer Presents: Restless Brilliance [September 24, Los Angeles, California]
 * Ava Gardner Film Festival [September 24, Smithfield, NC]
 * Zwischen | Stadt | Raum - Screening [September 25, Berlin, Germany]
 * Psychedelic Cinema Light Show Films (1967-1969) With Live Music [September 25, Brookline, Massachusetts]
 * Eyes Wide Open: videos By Dani Leventhal [September 25, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Open Screening [September 25, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * How We Fight Program 1: Iraqi Short Films/Presented By Kino21 [September 25, san francisco ca 94110]
 * The Order of Things: Dis/Order, On Axioms and Images [September 26, Antwerp]
 * Fellow Traveler: the Cinema of Warren Sonbert [September 26, Cambridge, Massachusetts]
 * Phil Solomon: Two Installations [September 26, Columbus, Ohio]
 * Electromediascope [September 26, Kansas City, Missouri]
 * Hallucinogenic California: the Alternate Worlds of Craig Baldwin and
    Damon Packard [September 26, Los Angeles, California]
 * Films of Dean Snider [September 26, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
 * Scary Cow Film Co-Op Presnts:Iran (Is Not the Problem) [September 26, san francisco ca 94110]
 * Films of Dean Snider [September 27, Braddock, Pennsylvania]
 * Xy Chromosome Project #3 By Lynne Sachs & Mark Street [September 27, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Chicago's Own: Aijo [September 27, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Tuareg - Bruce Checefsky [September 27, Cleveland, OHIO]
 * Green/Lozano + Deutsch + Mcinnis + Rivers + [September 27, San Francisco, California]
 * Films of Dean Snider [September 28, Braddock, Pennsylvania]
 * Hidden In Plain Sight Directed By Mark Street [September 28, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Filmforum Presents "Mock Up On Mu," By Craig Baldwin [September 28, Los Angeles, California]

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Berkeley, California: Expressions Gallery
7pm, 2035 Ashby Avenue, (near Ashby BART Station)

  Expressions Gallery's Visual Music series presents ExoTV: Enigmatic
  Vision, Improvised electro-acoustic music with kinetic ambient
  animations by Mika Pontecorvo (Flute, Live electronic processing/Max
  MSP) and Adriane Pontecorvo (Cello). 7:00 PM, Saturday, September 20 at
  Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, (Near Ashby BART
  Station). Free; 510-644-4930, Contact: Loren
  Means, email suppressed The performance will include excerpts from
  movements entitled BLIPVERT/SUBVERT (Due), CHOREO (Qua), and a full
  performance of the movement AQUA (Tre). These are early results of a
  Kinetic Ambient Fiction Engine Architecture (KAFEA) being
  designed/developed by Mika with Neal Elzenga. The performance utilizes
  source imagery from the artwork of Artist/Writer Professor Meg Schoerke
  of San Francisco State University. The KAFEA system is a follow-on from
  Pontecorvo and Elzenga's earlier generative meta-design concepts
  entitled 'Arties', first presented at the AISB'99 Symposium on Creative
  Evolutionary Systems in Edinburgh, UK in 1999 and refined for the
  Generative Arts '99 Conference in Milan that same year. Mika studied
  composition with and worked as an assistant under the electronic music
  pioneer Vladimir Ussachevsky. Mika's other work includes Research and
  Development in artificial intelligence, virtual environments, and
  interactive media. Most recently this research has focused on the
  application of simulated evolutionary systems and other Complex Adaptive
  Systems (CAS) concepts to design, arts, and product ideation. Adriane's
  Cello work began with performing live improvised film scores in an
  arabic-jazz-psychedelic fusion band in 2004. She has performed in a
  number of noise and experimental rock units since that time. They are
  both currently members of the experimental ensembles Cartoon Justice and
  Theory Garden. Their work can be found at the following websites: or for more info
  email: email suppressed

Bristol: Arnolfini
3.00pm, 16 Narrow Quay

  Tickets £3/£2 concs. & Spike Associates. A celebration of the artist run
  space Ayton Basement, Newcastle through work by some of the artists who
  showed there. In 1976 a few month after artists run space 2B Butler's
  Wharf opened in London, Ayton Basement opened on the quayside in
  Newcastle Upon Tyne. 'A space run by artists for contemporary work in
  video, film, and live performance'. It would present work by Eric
  Bainbridge, Paul Burwell, Nicolas Collins, Stuart Marshall, David
  Critchely, Roland Miller and Shirley Cameron, Jenny Okun, Alison
  Winckle, amongst others. Many of these artists would also be active in
  other organisations including, London Film Makers Co-op, London
  Musicians Collective, and London Video Arts. In due course Ayton
  Basement would become Basement Group and move to a new venue in Spectro
  Arts Workshop, and then continue to evolve with a new group of artists
  taking on Basement Group which would become Projects UK and continues
  today in Newcastle as Locus +. Curated and presented by Peter Todd a
  founding member. Programme. PEA SOUP. NICOLAS COLLINS. 1974-76, sound
  CD.16 mins. Recorded live at Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic. June 1999.
  Nicolas Collins, electronics, George Cremsachi, double bass. A
  self-stabilizing network of circuitry nudges the pitch of audio feedback
  to a different resonant frequency every time the feedback starts to
  build. The familiar shriek is replaced with unstable patterns of hollow
  tones, a site-specific raga reflecting the acoustical personality of the
  room. These architectural melodies can be influenced by moving in the
  space, making other sounds, or even by letting in a draft of cold air.
  CLOUDS. JENNY OKUN. 1975, Colour, 3 Minutes. 16mm silent.This film
  contrasts the concepts of relative motion and absolute motion. The speed
  and direction of the car and clouds, the spiralling motion of the
  camera, and the stationary factory chimneys all combine to produce the
  illusion of space within the frame. STILL LIFE. JENNY OKUN. 1976,
  silent, colour, 6 mins, 16mm silent. Still Life explores the
  transformation of an image from colour negative to colour positive on
  one film stock. The still life was painted its colour negative during
  filming and then the exposed film was processed and then printed on
  colour negative printstock. PEDAGOGUE. NEIL BARTLETT and STUART
  MARSHALL. 1988, 10mins, video. A short performance to camera by solo
  performer/dramatist Neil Bartlett. Pedagogue explores in comic style the
  possible implications of Clause 28. Through Clause 28, the British
  Government took powers to outlaw the 'promotion of homosexuality' in
  education and local government. THREE PIECES PERFORMED AT THE ROBERT
  SELF GALLERY NEWCASTLE. PETER TODD. Reformatted from original stills in
  2006 by Susi Arnott. 2.5 mins. DVD. Three pieces presented during One
  Artist One Day at the short lived but influential Newcastle branch of
  the Robert Self Gallery. PIECES I NEVER DID. DAVID CRITCHLEY. 1979, 35
  mins, DVD. "Talking to camera, I described ideas that had never got
  beyond a note in a sketchbook. Paradoxically, I was able to resurrect on
  video these items of personal performance that had been edged out by the
  structuralism of early video art, such as shouting the words "Shut Up!"
  until I lost my voice, having objects thrown at me until I changed
  colour, and proposing to end the piece by blowing myself up. I intended
  the piece to be colourful and action packed -". IDIOPHONICS. STUART
  MARSHALL. 1971-72. re-staged performance. Duration variable. A
  performance for three people with castenets, and portable foghorns. With
  special thanks to Alvin Lucier, Nicolas Collins. Basement Basement
  corresponded the publication of THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU From
  the Collective Archive of The Basement Group, Projects UK and Locus+
  (1977-2007), and follows on from a number of events, exhibitions and
  documentation covering this period including the exhibitions, 'fast and
  loose (my dead gallery) London 1956 – 2006 at The Fieldgate Gallery and
  the online exhibition 2B Butler's Wharf Basement Basement was first
  presented at Candid Arts London by LUX on 21st Sept. 2007. Subsequent
  presentations have been at The Star and Shadow Cinema Newcastle and the
  International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008. Supported by Spike Island
  Associates Prgramme.

Buffalo, New York: Hallwalls
8pm , 341 Delaware Ave.

  Hallwalls' Media Arts Program will kick off its Fall 2008 Season with a
  retrospective of avant garde film and video maker Vincent Grenier. For
  over 30 years the French-Canadian artist has been creating award-winning
  experimental films and videos, yet his last visit to Buffalo was over
  three decades ago! Hallwalls is proud to welcome this esteemed filmmaker
  back to Buffalo. Grenier will present an evening of his poetic works, a
  survey which will range from his early 16mm films to his most recent
  video projects including: Tabula Rasa (1993-2004, Orig.16 mm/DV, 7:30
  min., color, sound); Catch (1975, 16mm, 5 min. color/silent); Here
  (2002, DV, 7:00 min. stereo); Surface Tension #2 (1995, 16mm, 4min.,
  color, optical mono); North Southernly (2005, 6 min. color stereo);
  This, and This (2006 DV, 10:30, min., color, stereo); Mend (1979, 16mm,
  5 min. B&W/silent); Armoire (2007, DV, 3 min., color, stereo);
  Interieur/Interiors (To AK) (1978, 16mm, 15 min. B&W silent). For more
  details please visit

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

  With Filmmaker Kirthi Nath in Person! Co-Presented by 3rd I. Kirthi Nath
  is an award winning South Asian filmmaker, writer, educator and curator.
  As an artist, her body of inspired creative work fluidly straddles
  genres, occupying a fertile hybrid landscape of cultural poetics,
  experimentalism, and hybrid narrative. Tactile and dreamlike, her work
  explores female subjectivity, memory, desire, and racial and sexual
  identities. Nath's films have shown in several festivals and events
  including a solo show at The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Moondance
  International Women's Festival, San Francisco Asian American Film
  Festival, Berkeley Women of Color Festival and Ladyfest (Olympia,
  Scotland, Bay Area and Texas). As an educator, Kirthi teaches video at
  the Bay Area Video Coalition to marginalized youth communities and is
  constantly exploring multiple ways of empowering young people to become
  both producer and audience; to understand genre and go beyond it.
  Screening this evening are the short films Embrace It (2007); Come On,
  Big Empty (2006); Letting Go (2005); By the By (2004); The To Do List
  Confession (2001); Incarnation (1999); 2:38 (1999); and Yours (1999).
  Total running time: 57 mins. Q & A with the filmmaker to follow the
  program. About 3rd I: From art-house classics to documentary films, from
  innovative and experimental visions to next-level Bollywood, 3rd I is
  committed to promoting diverse images of South Asians through
  independent film. The group, who's national chapter is based out of San
  Francisco, showcases films from and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri
  Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, the Maldives and the global South Asian

Houston, Texas: Aurora Picture Show
8pm, 800 Aurora St.,

  Please join TIE curator, Christopher May, at Aurora Picture Show this
  weekend in Houston, Texas for a program of obscure black & white films
  from the past. This show must go on as they say. X-Ray Film I - The
  Alimentary System (Fleisch Archive, 1936, 16mm, silent, 11 min., 22fps,
  Germany) This is the first of several of Prof. Robert Janker's x-ray
  films. The filmmaker was a pioneer of x-ray cinematography. The film was
  featured in a TIE-2005 festival program, showcasing educational films
  that were released during the Third Reich in Germany. Un Chant D'Amour
  (Jean Genet, 1950, 16mm, silent, 23min., 24fps, France) One of the most
  memorable avant-garde films ever made, Un Chant D'Amour is also one of
  the most controversial. Made by the famed writer, Jean Genet, it
  features uncensored, sensual, jail-house scenes. Two prisoners in
  complete isolation, separated by the thick brick walls, and desperately
  in need of human contact, devise a most unusual kind of communication.
  Spectator (Frans Zwartjes, 1970, 16mm, optical sound, 11min., 24fps,
  Netherlands) Hidden safely behind his camera, the photographer can't get
  enough of what the glamorous model, with her long eye lashes, has to
  offer him. The Secret Cinema (Paul Bartel, 1968, 16mm, optical sound,
  30min., 24fps, USA) The Secret Cinema is a black-comic tale of a woman
  whose fears that her life is being filmed for the entertainment of her
  friends turn out to be true. The film presaged the sardonic tone of most
  of the maker's later work (Eating Raoul), though he would mostly abandon
  The Secret Cinema's experimental aspects in favor of linear narratives
  with perverse touches.

London, England: Flixation
8.30 pm, The Horse Hospital, The Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N

  FLIXATION Short film, electronic craft, amateur film Art, performance
  and music. As the sad carcass of the London summer drags itself under a
  bush for another year, let Flixation take you by the paw and show you
  our Autumn harvest of tasty films, fecund performance, ripening music
  and all the usual high jinks including the world premiere of Dr Duncan
  Reekie's new film 'The King in Darkness', 'Sick Puppy' by Caroline
  Kennedy, 'Jim and Heinz : the Finale' from the Blunt Club and films by
  Judd Clampett, Clive Shaw and many other gems. Tube: Russell Square.
  Buses: 7,59,68,91,188 Admission £5/£4

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia Street

  Kook-expert Ken Hollings jets in from London-town for the North American
  book-launch of his sub-pop Cult Study of Fifties America, on the bizarre
  intersection of cybernetics, behavior modification, atomic weapons, and
  UFOs, highlighting how these currents were refracted through the visual
  surfaces of popular culture, domestic design, and suburban living.
  Responding from the US side, Megan Shaw Prelinger, representing her own
  forthcoming book Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race,
  recalls the Eisenhower years with a fascinating flight through a
  pictorial history of aerospace ads, retrieved from her own SoMA library.
  For the third leg of this Cold War re-visitation, local A/V artist John
  Davis returns from, yes, Moldavia (formerly part of Romania), with the
  media-archeological remains of the very last Soviet newsreels,
  reflecting on this same period, but from the other side of the "Iron
  Curtain"! He screens the most astonishing agit-prop artifacts, and in
  fact performs an original sonic score, to a particularly uncanny
  iteration of Socialist Sur-Realism.

TIE Retrospective: The Shivering Eyelash: TIE
8:PM, Aurora Picture Show

  X-Ray Film I - The Alimentary System (Fleisch Archive, 1936, 16mm,
  silent, 11 min., 22fps, Germany) This is the first of several of Prof.
  Robert Janker's x-ray films. The filmmaker was a pioneer of x-ray
  cinematography. The film was first featured in a TIE-2005 festival
  program that showcased educational films that were made during the Third
  Reich in Germany. Un Chant D'Amour (Jean Genet, 1950, 16mm, silent,
  23min., 24fps, France) One of the most memorable avant-garde films ever
  made, Un Chant D'Amour is also one of the most controversial. Made by
  the famed writer, Jean Genet, it features uncensored, sensual,
  jail-house scenes. Two prisoners in complete isolation, separated by the
  thick brick walls, and desperately in need of human contact, devise a
  most unusual kind of communication. Spectator(Frans Zwartjes, 1970,
  16mm, optical sound, 11min., 24fps, Netherlands) Hidden safely behind
  his camera, the photographer can't get enough of what the glamorous
  model, with her long eye lashes, has to offer him. The Secret
  Cinema(Paul Bartel, 1968, 16mm, optical sound, 30min., 24fps, USA) The
  Secret Cinema is a black-comic tale of a woman whose fears that her life
  is being filmed for the entertainment of her friends turn out to be
  true. The film presaged the sardonic tone of most of the maker's later
  work (Eating Raoul), though he would mostly abandon The Secret Cinema's
  experimental aspects in favor of linear narratives with perverse


Chicago, Illinois: White Light Cinema
7:00pm, The Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

  With Michelle Citron in Person! White Light Cinema and The Nightingale
  are pleased to co-present a special screening of Michelle Citron's
  feminist classic Daughter Rite (1978, 53 mins., 16mm), in its 30th
  anniversary year. Daughter Rite is of the key films from the 1970s
  alternative film scene – a time when feminism, theory, progressive
  politics, queer issues, and a general sense of questioning of
  experimental, documentary, and narrative norms were all being felt.
  Daughter Rite combines many of these concerns to create a fascinating
  and influential hybrid, a genre-bending film that remains a vibrant and
  timely exploration of reality and fiction 30 years after it was made.
  "Daughter Rite is a classic, the missing link between the 'direct
  cinema' documentaries and the later hybrids that acknowledged truth
  couldn't always be found in front of a camera lens. Scandalous in its
  day for bending the rules of representation to enlighten its audience
  about filmmaking, Daughter Rite has a lot to teach folks hooked on
  reality TV, too. Citron's documentary inquiries into feminism, women in
  the trades, and feminist approaches to media representation are time
  capsules that merit re-opening." (B. Ruby Rich, author of Chick Flicks:
  Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement). Michelle Citron is
  an award-winning media artist whose work includes Daughter Rite and What
  You Take For Granted… (films), and As American As Apple Pie, Cocktails &
  Appetizers, and Mixed Greens (CD-ROMs). She is the author of the
  prize-winning book, Home Movies and Other Necessary Fictions, and she's
  received grants from the NEA, NEH, and Illinois Arts Council. She is
  Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts, Columbia College,
  Chicago. Admission: $7.00-10.00, sliding scale.

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas

  The AAFF Tour is a program of many of the finest cutting-edge, creative
  and artfully-crafted independent films from the most recent festival.
  Tonight includes "The Anthem" by world-renowned director Apichtapong
  Weerasethakul, "The Drift" by Kelly Sears, "My Croatian Nose" by Richard
  Dinter, "A Hundred Feet Universe" by Naoko Tasaka, and many more. The
  full program can be found at: General
  admission $10, students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members. The
  Egyptian Theatre has a validation stamp for the Hollywood & Highland
  complex. Park 4 hours for $2 with validation.


Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard Film Archive
7pm, 24 Quincy Street

  Sitney's latest work, Eyes Upside Down: Visionary Filmmakers and the
  Heritage of Emerson is a fascinating study of the poetic and
  philosophical roots of the postwar American avant-garde that examines
  the centrality and underappreciated influence of Emersonian poetics in
  the work of key American experimental filmmakers. The Harvard Film
  Archive is proud to welcome P. Adams Sitney for an illustrated lecture
  that draws from Eyes Upside Down and integrates screenings and
  discussion of the following films: Arabesque for Kenneth Anger Directed
  by Marie Menken. US 1961, 16mm, color, 4 min. Visions in Meditation #1
  Directed by Stan Brakhage US 1989, 16mm, color, silent, 16 min. Shift
  Directed by Ernie Gehr US 1972-74, 16mm, color, 9 min. Gently Down the
  Stream Directed by Su Friedrich US 1981, 16mm, b/w, silent, 13 min.
  Gloria! Directed by Hollis Frampton US 1979, 16mm, color, 10 min.
  Apparatus Sum (Studies For Magellan #1) Directed by Hollis Frampton US
  1972, 16mm, color, silent, 3 min.

Los Angeles, California: Redcat
8:30pm, 631 W 2nd St.

  World premiere 2008, 76 min., 16mm California Company Town, the
  much-anticipated essay film by Lee Anne Schmitt, casts a probing,
  clear-eyed gaze at the landscape of California towns abandoned by the
  industries that created them—onetime boom-towns now haunted by the
  twilight of the American promise. A versatile multidisciplinary artist
  whose practice extends from film and performance to photography and
  writing, Schmitt is a member of the faculty of CalArts' graduate Film
  Directing Program. She creates evocative, deeply felt works that
  consider everyday elements of American life as cultural ritual,
  including a series of cinematic investigations of the intersections of
  landscape with personal memory (Las Vegas, 2000), with the history of
  the American Left (Awake and Sing, 2003), and with urban development
  (The Wash, 2005). In person: Lee Anne Schmitt


Buffalo, New York: Squeaky Wheel
tba, 712 Main St.

  ----------------THE FILMS OF DEAN SNIDER------------------- More heard
  of than seen outside San Francisco, the films of Dean Snider (1949-1994)
  are formally playful and richly possessed of character. Ultra-short and
  often self-mocking, Snider's abounding catalog is a bit confusing and
  almost always funny. Hard to compare with any other filmmaker, Snider's
  subversive stance and sardonic sense of humor enlivened his varied,
  quixotic films and real-life antics. He once staged a coup in the
  projection booth of the San Francisco Cinematheque, forcing a show of
  local films on the audience. On another occasion, with fellow
  cinema-activist Steve Schmidt, Snider literally hijacked an entire
  Cinematheque audience by bus and delivered them to a screening at the No
  Nothing Cinema, a now-legendary film/performance venue that he
  co-founded. Snider was known to pay a dollar to viewers who attended his
  shows, and as a judge at the Ann Arbor Film Festival he gave each and
  every festival-rejected filmmaker $3 of his prize money, igniting
  debate. Indisputably important and certainly overlooked, these films are
  nothing short of a revelation. "During his relatively short lifespan,
  Snider produced literally hundreds of films. Beyond filmmaking, his
  gadfly outbursts and philosophical provocations helped spark controversy
  and stimulate conceptual filmic border-crossings…. Film theorist Janice
  Crystal-Lipzin said of Dean's films, 'Why, the titles are longer than
  the films!' – no doubt referring to HEY!, a single frame of a bale of
  hay." –V. Vale and Marian Wallace, RESEARCHPUBS.COM- This program
  contains 17 of Snider's 16mm and 35mm works, none of which are in
  distribution. A limited edition DVD set of Dean's work will also be
  available at all shows.------ Organized and presented by Douglas

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers
7:30, Albright College

  Rosemary's Baby (1968, 136 min.) by ROMAN POLANSKI. In this, the
  director's first American film, "Polanski's camerawork and Richard
  Sylbert's production design transform the realistic setting (shot on
  location in Manhattan's Dakota apartment building) into a sinister
  projection of Rosemary's [Mia Farrow] fears, chillingly locating
  supernatural horror in the familiar by leaving the most grotesque
  frights to the viewer's imagination. This apocalyptic yet darkly comic
  paranoia about the hallowed institution of childbirth touched a nerve
  with late-'60s audiences feeling uneasy about traditional norms.
  Produced by B-horror maestro William Castle, Rosemary's Baby became a
  critically-praised hit, winning [Ruth] Gordon an Oscar for Best
  Supporting Actress. Inspiring a wave of satanic horror from The Exorcist
  (1973) to The Omen (1976), Rosemary's Baby helped usher in the genre's
  modern era by combining a supernatural story with Alfred Hitchcock's
  propensity for finding normality horrific."—Lucia Bozzola, New York

San Francisco: MadCat Women's International Film Festival
8:30pm, El Rio 3158 Mission Street @ Precita

  The 12th Annual MadCat Women's International Film Festival presents HEAR
  IT TO BELIEVE IT - This year marks a change at MadCat with a new
  schedule for the call for submissions and the announcement of an
  expanded touring program. MadCat's open call is now exclusively for
  touring works, which will be selected by May 1, 2009, for a national
  tour to begin in Fall 2009. Hear It to Believe It Continuing a
  long-running tradition, MadCat presents a series of silent 16mm films
  set to live music performed by local musicians, including bands Tartufi
  and Silian Rail. Learn more about these musicians at: ---
  THE FILMS: Observando el Cielo (Jeanne Liotta, Soundtrack by Peggy
  Ahwesh) Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the
  chaos of the cosmos are inscribed onto 16mm film. These naturally
  occurring very low frequency radio recordings of the magnetosphere allow
  the universe to speak for itself. Chosen as one of the Top Ten Films of
  2007 by Artforum and the Village Voice. Air (Sheri Wills) Mimicking the
  unpredictable and frequently serendipitous nature of watercolor paints
  as they run over a blank sheet of paper, these images unfold on the
  screen, become charged with life, then quickly disappear into a
  mysterious void. Box Office (Jenny Perlin) Shocking statistics highlight
  the hypocrisy of American foreign policy in Iraq. Fallen Flags (Amanda
  Christie) A layered tapestry of filmed trains and underwater footage,
  this film explores fear, death, and transience through the traces of
  human voices set amid the flickering light and shadows of empty
  passenger cars. Ecstatic Vessels (Diane Kitchen) Fluid images of nature
  create a dreamlike palette of color and time, what fellow filmmaker
  Grant Wiedenfeld called, "A symphony of movement, color, focus, line."
  The Parable of the Tulip Painter and the Fly (Charlotte Pryce) A
  philosophical quest drenched in luminous colors and sparkling light,
  this film was shot on color reversal and entirely hand-processed and
  re-printed on the optical printer. curated by Ariella

roma: zac and link campus university
23-27 of september, roma

  only festival for abstract cinema in the world


London, England: CIDA (Cultural Industries Development Agency)
18:00-21:00, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, Whitechapel, E1 4UJ

  CIDA (Cultural Industries Development Agency) is holding its bi-annual
  Film Café networking evening on Wednesday 24 September from 6pm– 9pm at
  Genesis Cinema, East London. CIDA has brought together leading film
  financiers, support agencies, broadcasters and distributors to give
  filmmakers and those interested in film production the opportunity to
  network and find out what support is available to help them develop
  their film production businesses. This event features presentations from
  the European Union Media Programme unit, New Producer's Alliance, ITV
  Local,, Current TV and Filmaka providing a full insight into
  their current grants, marketing platforms, commissions and business
  support services. As an event highlight will launch their
  latest short film challenge, which has been designed with CIDA. This
  challenge invites amateur and professional filmmakers to capture aspects
  of East London and its relationship with sport. Each entry will be
  judged by and members of the Cultural Olympiad, with the
  winning entry being broadcast on as a flagship film of the
  Cultural Olympiad. This challenge will be officially opened at the film
  café networking evening on 24 September and entries will not be accepted
  before. This new and challenging opportunity will be the first to work
  with cutting-edge online technology that will lead future low-budget
  production and distribution models. Submissions must be: 90 seconds to 3
  minutes long Any genre A finished short or an introduction to a future
  feature Created on the platform CIDA, the Cultural Industries
  Development Agency is the leading support organisation for the creative
  and cultural sector in East London. We help thousands of creative
  individuals, businesses and arts organisations through our range of
  innovative projects, services and events.

Los Angeles, California: UCLA's Hammer Museum
7 pm, 10899 Wilshire Blvd.

  Hammer Presents: Restless Brilliance Exploring current trajectories in
  music and video while showcasing new work in the field of experimental
  electronic and audiovisual performance, Restless Brilliance presents
  artists that are blurring the lines between music, cinema, performance,
  and art. Screening: Colorfield Variations, a collection of audio/visual
  works reinterpreting the Color Field movement by an international array
  of critically acclaimed sound and new media artists. Live performance:
  Shuttle358 seamlessly blends the soft sounds of ambient music with the
  granular aesthetics of modern digital minimalism. Co-presented with
  Volume Projects.

Smithfield, NC: Ava Gardner Museum
daily 10am-until, Five venues in Downtown Smithfield, North Carolina

  The fourth annual Ava Gardner Film Festival scheduled for September
  24-27, 2008 will be a celebration of independent films from around the
  world and will showcase several of Ava's classic films. The Ava Gardner
  Museum has set the last week in September every year for this popular
  new festival that draws thousands of visitors to Smithfield. From
  Wednesday through Saturday, the festival will feature independent films,
  documentaries, narratives, short films and features. In addition to the
  films, there will be special museum exhibits and the JOCO Artists Guild
  sponsored Arts and Fine Crafts Marketplace near the Ava Gardner Museum
  located in historic Downtown Smithfield. For more festival information
  check out the Ava Gardner Museum's Web site at
  or e-mail Angela Lawson, Museum Director, at (address suppressed)


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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.