PLEASE FWD: Easy online Voter Registration / updating - October 6 deadline!

From: Salon Cuir (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 19 2008 - 14:08:12 PDT

Easy online Voter Registration / updating - October 6 deadline!

Okay, I was talking to a friend of mine who's fairly politically
active, but has moved in the last couple years, and didn't know if she
was registered to vote! People, the deadline to register to vote, AND
vote in the upcoming presidential election, is OCTOBER 6th!!!

Now, don't get me wrong. I understand the politics and theory behind
vote boycotters who see voting as participating in a system that's set
up to present a facade of democracy and fairness, but which actually
disenfranchises most of us and hijacks our governement for the good of
corporations and the wealthy. BUT, remember what Malcolm X said. "By
any means necessary." If you want revolution, you have to be willing
to do absolutely everything we possibly can to bring about positive
change on all fronts. So I believe it is our moral duty to vote, no
matter how useless we think it is. It's just one of many ways of
potentially changing the world.

And with the Republicans pulling stunts like purging voter
registration rolls of voters living in houses being foreclosed, or in
certain zip codes, every single new voter registration is crucial.

So I ask you, YOU reading this sentence! PLEASE ask everyone you know
if they're registered to vote. Friends don't let friends not vote.

     Here's some easy ways to register, or to update your registration
(for instance, if you've moved in the last couple years).
- Register at Rock the Vote.

- If you live in Georgia, find out where your poll is (it may have
moved), and whether you're registered.

- Get a Georgia absentee ballot application (which you then must fax,
mail, or walk in - most post offices accept these). You can vote
absentee for any reason or no reason!

PLEASE make sure everyone you know is registered to vote!
Send them this link to help them:

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