Experiments V4.2 now seeking submissions!

From: Bryan Konefsky (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 16:49:17 PDT

Hey everyone - Experiments in Cinema V4.2 is now seeking
submissions for our April, 2009 festival. See below for
notes from last year's festival and our new submission
form - please read carefully as a few things have changed.
 Also you can go to basementfilms.org to download our
submission form and to see notes from our previous
festivals - Know that we will accept submissions through
January 10, 2009 (postmark deadline).
... can't wait to see what everyone has been up to this
Bryan Konefsky
artistic director, Experiments in Cinema
Vice President, Basement Films
lecturer, Department of Cinematic Arts, UNM
Board of Advisors, Ann Arbor Film Festival


Experiments in Cinema V 4.2 will screen works culled from
our international call for submissions (postmark deadline
is January 10, 2009 – we will begin accepting submissions
September 10, 2009). The event will take place at the
Southwest Film Center on the campus of the University of
New Mexico, 516 Arts (downtown Albuquerque) and at the
Guild Cinema in Albuquerque April 16, 17, 18, and 19,
2009. The recently renovated Southwest Film Center, 516
Arts and the Guild Cinema have the capability to screen
35mm, 16mm, and digital video (mini dv and DVD). In past
years we have hosted audiences of more than 300 people for
our four day event, and we expect a great turnout again
this year.

Experiments in Cinema V4.2 is currently seeking
unembedded, un-dependent film/video work for our 2009

Experiments in Cinema is an annual collaboration between
Basement Films, and the Department of Cinematic Arts at
the University of New Mexico.

Experiments in Cinema is supported by generous funding
from the Department of Cinematic Arts ICLS Program, the
McCune Charitable Foundation and New Mexico Arts.

Entry Criteria:
All un-commercial, un-industrial, un-classifiable,
un-dependant, un-embedded experimental works are eligible
for this festival. Old and new works are encouraged for
our young and growing event. All entries in languages
other than English must be subtitled in English, dubbed in
English or be submitted with an English text (hard copy).
 Maximum running time for submissions is 40 minutes.

Screening Formats:
Acceptable pre-screening formats include DVD (PAL or NTSC
is OK – but please mark your discs clearly ). For the
actual festival we have the capability to screen 16mm,
35mm, and mini-DV (NTSC/PAL).

Entry Deadline: postmarked by January 10, 2009

Entry fees:
Entry fees are $15 per entry. If you are submitting 3 or
more works the entry fee is reduced to $10 PER WORK.
 Entry fees must be in U.S. funds. Checks or money orders
should be made out to Basement Films. Multiple entries
must be submitted on separate discs. Only artists whose
work has screened in our festival in past years should
waive all entry fees. Additionally, all international
submissions will NOT pay an entry fee for our festival.

Do not use fiber-filled envelopes as these can damage your
media and our machines. The cost of shipping preview and
exhibition copies of works is the responsibility of the

Our festival will cover the return of accepted works via
surface shipping only. Entrants must pay additional
charges for express shipping and notify us in advance if
they require work be returned earlier than one month after
the festival is over. The festival will not accept
responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in

International entries must be marked “FOR CULTURAL
not pay import duties or taxes. All entries, entry fees
and supporting materials should be sent to –

c/o Basement Films
PO Box 7669
Albuquerque, New Mexico
USA 87194

Required Supporting materials:
1) A single, clearly labeled CD with the following
information on it:
         a) one 300dpi still from your submission.
         b) 50 word synopsis of the submission
         c) 75 word artist bio (include previous
screenings of your
              entry if you would like).
         d) one 300 dpi image of the artist
e) English translation/script

2) Hard copies of the following:
        a) completed entry form
        b) 50 word synopsis of the submission
        c) 75 word artist bio
        d) English translation/script

Entrants will be notified by email of their entry status
by February 15, 2009. Also, all entrants will be notified
by email when their submission arrives at our office.

In 2009 Experiments in Cinema continues to be proud in
defining ourselves as a non-competitive festival.
 However, we do pay artist fees for programmed work
(dollar amount TBA depending on our annual budget).
Return of Preview/supporting materials:
Preview Tapes, DVDs and CDs will NOT be returned.
 However, all materials submitted by artists whose work IS
included in our event will be returned.

Entry Form Experiments in Cinema V 4.2
Postmarked deadline for submissions is January 10, 2009

Title __________________________________________________

Running time ____________ Date completed

Country of origin ________________________________________

Preview format (circle one) DVD ntsc mini–DV ntsc
                                         DVD pal mini–DV pal
Screening format (circle one) 16mm 35mm

Will this screening be a premiere? __ world premiere __US

Contact information
Name _________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________

City ______________________ State/Province

Zip Code _________________ Country ______________________

Telephone __________________ Email ______________________

Website ________________________________________________

Have you submitted work to our festival in previous years?
 If so, what was the title of you work and what year was
it submitted?

Title _______________________________ Year ____________
If your work is screened at our festival what form of
honorarium would be most convenient for you (circle one)?
Western Union/Money Order __ Personal Check __

Please attach a hard copy of the following:
1. A brief, 50 word synopsis of your submission.
2. A 75 word artists’ bio.
3. Any other production notes you feel are pertinent.

Submission Checklist
___ completed submission form (hard copy)

___ DVD screener (clearly marked PAL or NTSC, title,

___ on a separate sheet of paper, a typed synopsis of your
entry (not
        more than 50 words)

___ a brief, 75 word artists bio.

___ If your work is in a language other than English
please provide
        an English translation of the work (hard copy).

___ a CD (clearly labeled with the title of your entry,
your name, your
email address and the following information:
         a) one 300dpi still from your submission.
         b) 50 word synopsis of the submission
         c) 75 word artist bio (include previous
screenings of your
              entry if you would like).
         d) one 300 dpi image of the artist (optional)
e) English translation/script

___$15 entry fee ($10 per entry / per work - if 3 or more
  submitted). Please make checks or money orders payable
  U.S. funds to BASEMENT FILMS.
        Also note that international submissions and artists
whose work
we have screened in our festival in previous years are NOT
  required to pay any entry fee.

___ All submitted materials must be clearly labeled with
your name,
        title and email address.

___ If your work is an international submission write “For
        Purposes Only – No Commercial Value” on the envelope.

Acceptance of Rules & Regulations
I hereby certify that I am the owner of the submitted work
and that I own the rights and releases necessary for
public screening. I allow Experiments in Cinema V4.2 to
publicly screen my work and use stills and descriptions in
the festival program and other publicity. Experiments in
Cinema V4.2 is not responsible for loss or damage to
submissions while in transit. I agree to provide a
completed copy of my work in the format indicated on this
submission form no later than March 15, 2009.

In 2009 Experiments in Cinema V 4.2 will be screened in
Albuquerque and surrounding New Mexico communities as a
traveling program (venues and dates to be announced).

If your work must be returned to you earlier than one
month after the festival ends you must indicate so on your
entry form. Otherwise work will be returned to entrants
by June 15, 2009.

Additionally, please note that we intend to publish a DVD
compilation of our program for publicity/fund raising
purposes and to offer (free) to festival participants.

Your signature below indicates that you accept all the
conditions listed above. In other words by signing below
you are allowing us to include your work (if accepted into
the festival) on a DVD compilation to be distributed ONLY
to participating artists. Additionally, this year we hope
to produce a “Best of the Festival DVD” that we hope to
sell on our website to generate funds for next year’s
festival (this DVD will be available for approximately
$20). Please circle below “Yes” or “No” whether you are
willing to allow us to use your work for this new
fundraising DVD. Remember, this is different than the DVD
that will be distributed to participating artists…
Although, if everyone circles “Yes” it will be the same

I would like to be included on the DVD that will be used
for promotion/fundraising purposes YES NO

Signature ____________________________ Date _____________

Print Your Name _________________________________________

For more information:
Contact Bryan Konefsky (festival director) at
(address suppressed) Also see information about the festival
at www.basementfilms.org.

Bryan Konefsky, Visualiste
Lecturer, Dept. of Cinematic Arts, University of New
Artistic Director, Experiments in Cinema
Vice President, Basement Films
Advisory Board, Ann Arbor Film Festival
Cell: 505.235.1852
PO Box 9337
Albuquerque, NM 87119 USA
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