This week [September 13 - 21, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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This week [September 13 - 21, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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"PostAtomicNaplesDream 6" by fabio scacchioli
"jackson pollock's funerals" by fabio scacchioli

Metafest (San Francisco; Deadline: September 10, 2008)
RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES PARIS/BERLIN/MADRID (Paris, France; Deadline: September 05, 2008)
CISCO Film Making Contest (Whole World ; Deadline: September 09, 2008)

47th Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Deadline: October 15, 2008)
Josh (London, England; Deadline: September 22, 2008)
Rubric (Denver, CO, USA; Deadline: September 25, 2008)
The Citizen Jane Film Festival (Columbia, MO, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2008)
FLEX, the Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival (Gainesville, Florida, USA; Deadline: October 01, 2008)
Los Angeles as a Character (Los Angeles, CA USA; Deadline: October 01, 2008)
Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2008)
SoundCast by Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: October 15, 2008)
AMIA Conference (Savannah, Georgia; Deadline: October 07, 2008)

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 * The Sound and Light Show [September 13, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Best of Pxl This Festivals 13 - 16 [September 13, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Milkbar 2008 International Live Film Festival [September 13, Oakland, CA]
 * The Films of Dean Snider [September 13, Venice, CA]
 * Filmforum Presents the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour, Part 1 [September 14, Los Angeles, California]
 * Nick Zedd Retrospective Part One [September 14, New York, New York]
 * Milkbar 2008 International Live Film Festival [September 14, Oakland, CA]
 * I Can See You Just Fine/New Works By Jimmy Robson [September 14, san francisco ca 94110]
 * Rough Cuts:American Maverick – the Life and Times of Pete Mccloskey [September 15, san francisco ca 94110]
 * Tie Retrospective: Colgate Edition [September 16, Hamilton Village]
 * Erika Suderburg Double Feature [September 17, Los Angeles, California]
 * Benefit Screening For Dominic Angerame [September 17, San Francisco, California]
 * Code-Switchers [September 17, San Francisco, California]
 * Glitch: Creative Problem Creating [September 18, Chicago, Illinois]
 * A Clown Underground: Taylor Mead In Person [September 18, San Francisco, California]
 * Openscreening [September 18, san francisco ca 94110]
 * The Order of Things: De/Coding, Poetics of Collage [September 19, Antwerp]
 * Electromediascope [September 19, Kansas City, Missouri]
 * Tank.Tv Screenings At Tate Modern [September 19, London, England]
 * Ken Jacobs: [September 19, London, England]
 * A Clown Underground: Taylor Mead In Person [September 19, San Francisco, California]
 * Madcat Looks Back: 8 Greats From the Festival Archives [September 19, san francisco ca 94110]
 * Visual Music At Expressions Gallery [September 20, Berkeley, California]
 * Basement Basement. [September 20, Bristol]
 * The Short Films of Kirthi Nath [September 20, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Tie Retrospective: the Shivering Eyelash [September 20, TIE Retrospective: The Shivering Eyelash]
 * Michelle Citron's Daughter Rite - 30th Anniversary Screening [September 21, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Filmforum Presents the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour, Part 2 [September 21, Los Angeles, California]

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Chicago, Illinois: The Nightingale Theatre
8:00, 1084 N Milwaukee

  In the grand tradition of the Pyramids at Giza (home of "The Sound and
  Light Show"), the London Filmmakers Co-Operative, Tony Conrad and Bruce
  McClure and _____, your friends at the Nightingale Theater are bringing
  a triple-header EXPANDED CINEMA show to your own Midwestern backyard. In
  what promises to be a loud, flickering, and thoroughly LIVE event,
  Itinerant Chicagoan Ben Russell joins forces with New Chicagoans Joe
  Grimm and Lauren Carter (welcome!) for a 4-part performance involving
  Multiple Projectors, Thumb-Piano Drones, Resonant Frequencies,
  Stroboscopic Action, A Rubber Mask, Red Underwear and A Massive Gong!
  Burn some ear candles, visit your eye doctor, and prepare to have your
  senses be overwhelmed! FEATURING: Nature Illusion by Lauren Carter
  (6:00, 16mm, live sound, 2007) Epiphenomenal Boogie: Light-Sound
  Singularities In Patterned Time by Joe Grimm (25:00, live
  triple-projector performance, 2008), The Red and the Blue Gods by Ben
  Russell w/Joe Grimm (8:00, 16mm, live sound, 2005), The Black and the
  White Gods by Ben Russell (25:00, live double-projector performance,
  2008) TRT 64:00 WARNING: this show contains visuals that may be harmful
  to those with epilepsy

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

  Curated by Gerry Fialka. PXL THIS is a festival that features videos
  produced using the PXL 2000, a plastic toy video camera that records
  sound and images directly onto audiocassettes. The PXL 2000 was
  available from 1987 to 1989 from Fisher-Price. The picture is comprised
  of 2,000 "pixels" as opposed to the 150,000 pixels seen on the average
  TV screen, which makes for a very grainy but appealing quality. PXL THIS
  organizer Gerry Fialka says, "PXL is the essential utensil of creation.
  The really creative artist does a lot with nothing. PXL THIS is based on
  the statements, 'It is literally possible to do more with less'
  -Buckminster Fuller and 'Film will only become art when its materials
  are as inexpensive as pencil and paper' -Jean Cocteau. It's a real
  pencil and paper mentality. Express yourself, and don't be afraid to
  break some rules. Like Cocteau said, "What one should do with the young
  is to give them a portable camera and forbid them to observe any rules
  except those they invent for themselves as they go along. Let them write
  without being afraid of making mistakes.' But PXL THIS is for all ages."
  Tonight's program features 14 shorts compiled from PXL THIS Film
  Festivals spanning 2003 to 2006 and includes the following works:
  Souvenir (Stephen Rose); Gestures (L.M. Sabo); Helen Possert: A WWII
  Rosie (Michael Possert); Somnigraphic Traces of the Otherwise
  Undocumented Friedkin Institute for Sleep Disorder Research (Struan
  Ashby & Roy Parkhurst); I'm in the Mood (Bryan Konefsky); About Flowers
  (Juniper Woodbury); Sleep (Doug Ing); Double-Duty Interrobang (Gerry
  Fialka); Fish (Joe Frese); PXL Manifesto (Ross Craig); Babblefesto #2
  (Steve Craig); A Stake to the Heart: The Last PXL Movie (Ross Craig);
  Rugrat (Lisa Marr); and Zero (Eli Elliott). Total running time: 89 mins.

Oakland, CA: The MilkBar
8pm, installations open at 7PM, 1255 26th St. at Union

  Featuring Live Film: new film, music and performance collaborations from
  around the globe September 12th through 14th, 2008 This 4th year of the
  MilkBar International Film Festival features five newly commissioned
  world premier interdisciplinary works exploring the relationship of
  film, music, performance and installation and international experimental
  animation. We are also proud to present 3 days of great experimental
  film programming including our main festival program of 15 short
  films/installations; a program from the St. Petersburg, Russia Open
  Cinema Festival; the first North American showing of Russian animator
  Irina Evteeva (Yevteyeva)'s retrospective; experimental shorts from
  Helsinki's Love and Anarchy Film Festival; and a terrific selection of
  short films from emerging Turkish directors. Artists include including
  Matthias Bossi, Eric Koziol, and paige starling sorvillo; Evelyn Ficarra
  and Ian Winters; The League of Imaginary Scientists including George
  Cremaschi, Carolina Bäckman, Emma Nordanfors, and Lucy HG; Merlin
  Coleman and Katherin McInnis; Liz Allbee, Dan Plonsey, and the Daniel
  Popsicle Ensemble; Astrid Almkhlaafy, Mary Armentrout, Daghan Celayir,
  Cara Marisa Deleon / Kotyonok Films, Tony Gault, Aysegul Guryuksel /
  Subvoid, Henry Gwiazda,Sarah Klein, Ellen Lake, Mawer, Mehmet CAN
  MERTOGLU, Tatyana Moshkova, Kate Pelling,Sarah Sass / Peck-Peck Dance
  Ensemble,Richard Sullivan,Laura Zaylea.

Venice, CA: 7 Dudley Cinema
7pm, 6:30 pre-show, 7 Dudley Ave, Sponto Gallery

  THE FILMS OF DEAN SNIDER More heard of than seen outside San Francisco,
  the films of Dean Snider (1949-1994) are formally playful and richly
  possessed of character. Ultra-short and often self-mocking, Snider's
  abounding catalog is a bit confusing and almost always funny. Hard to
  compare with any other filmmaker, Snider's subversive stance and
  sardonic sense of humor enlivened his varied, quixotic films and
  real-life antics. He once staged a coup in the projection booth of the
  San Francisco Cinematheque, forcing a show of local films on the
  audience. On another occasion, with fellow cinema-activist Steve
  Schmidt, Snider literally hijacked an entire Cinematheque audience by
  bus and delivered them to a screening at the No Nothing Cinema, a
  now-legendary film/performance venue that he co-founded. Snider was
  known to pay a dollar to viewers who attended his shows, and as a judge
  at the Ann Arbor Film Festival he gave each and every festival-rejected
  filmmaker $3 of his prize money, igniting debate. Indisputably important
  and certainly overlooked, these films are nothing short of a revelation.
  "During his relatively short lifespan, Snider produced literally
  hundreds of films. Beyond filmmaking, his gadfly outbursts and
  philosophical provocations helped spark controversy and stimulate
  conceptual filmic border-crossings…. Film theorist Janice Crystal-Lipzin
  said of Dean's films, 'Why, the titles are longer than the films!' – no
  doubt referring to HEY!, a single frame of a bale of hay." -–V. Vale and
  Marian Wallace, RESEARCHPUBS.COM--- This program contains 17 of Snider's
  16mm and 35mm works, none of which are in distribution. A limited
  edition DVD set of Dean's work will also be available at all
  shows.--------- Organized and presented by Douglas Katelus.


Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Echo Park Film Center, 1200 Alvarado Street (at Sunset)

  The AAFF Tour is a program of many of the finest cutting-edge, creative
  and artfully-crafted independent films from the most recent festival.
  Tonight includes animated masterpiece "Yours Truly" by Osbert Parker;
  "Safari" by Catherine Chalmers, "Doxology" by Michael Langan, "Number
  One" by Leighton Pierce," and many more. The full program can be found
  at: General admission $10,
  students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members.

New York, New York: Gene Frankel Theater
8 PM, 24 Bond Street btw Lafayette & Bowery

  Gene Frankel presents an historic series of retrospective screenings of
  the influential underground filmmaker Nick Zedd, surveying his vast
  ouvre for a new generation of cinephiles and thrill seekers. Featuring
  bravura performances by such notables as Rev Jen, Casandra Stark, Shecky
  Beagleman, Faceboy, Jon Vomit and Nick Zedd. ELECTRA ELF: GOIN TO THE
  GOODBYE (1986) GO TO HELL (1986) THE BOGUS MAN (1980) price: $10 cheap

Oakland, CA: The MilkBar
8pm, installations open at 7PM, 1255 26th St. at Union

  See Sept 12th for details,

san francisco ca 94110: artists' television access
8 pm, 992 valencia

  Sunday, September 14, 2008. 8 pm , doors at 7:30 pm $6 I Can See You
  Just Fine New Works by Jimmy Robson "I Just Saw a Scary Movie" by Jimmy
  Robson Who do we become when we watch a movie? Television? Sometimes
  when we sit down at the end of a hard day and watch a story unfold, we
  go a little too far into the life of another... This program features
  two new videos about characters and personas that are guilty of "TMI".
  The desperate people that appear in these movies are just waiting for
  the right moment to spill the beans to us. Each member of the audience
  becomes an enabler: we are implicated in these layered stories often by
  lending an ear to the characters in the videos who know that we are out
  there watching them. Touching upon the horror genre, these two videos
  also explore off-screen violence, questioning how terror both threatens
  and preserves the very screen upon which these movies appear. "The Face
  of Susan White" This video tells the story of a woman who is struggling
  to change. After watching a mysterious green fluid disrupt a morning
  news cast, Susan White finds she has a new power: the distance between
  herself and the outside world is suddenly abolished. Given this new
  perspective, Susan discovers that she is now able to transform her life.
  But when a figure from her past confronts her, everything is placed into
  jeopardy. 30 minutes, DV. WORLD PREMIER! "I Just Saw a Scary Movie" A
  fortune teller and her grandson become obsessed with a mysterious and
  morbid character, Jeff, who posts videos of himself on youtube. The
  story is told through a series ambiguous testimonials given by the
  family about their new obsession. Finally, when Jeff is given the chance
  to speak for himself and come clean, the story threatens to
  self-destruct. 22 minutes, DV.


san francisco ca 94110: artists' television access
7:30 pm, 992 valencia

  Monday, September 15, 2008. 7:30PM $6 Rough Cuts: American Maverick –
  The Life and Times of Pete McCloskey Rough Cuts is a series of
  work-in-progress documentary screenings that are produced every other
  month by The LAB. Each evening one rough cut of a feature-length
  documentary will be screened, followed by a moderated conversation about
  the film led by guests who are either accomplished filmmakers or
  established film professionals. Please RSVP to email suppressed
  by Monday, September 15 at noon. for info
  American Maverick – The Life and Times of Pete McCloskey Produced and
  Directed by Rob Caughlan At a time when the word "maverick" is
  increasingly heard this political season, it might be worth considering
  the life of Pete McCloskey—environmental crusader, politician, marine
  veteran, gadfly. As a presidential candidate, he led the charge to
  impeach President Nixon—before Watergate. As a Republican congressman,
  he co-founded the first Earth Day and co-authored the Endangered Species
  Act. And at age 78, he came out of retirement to wage one more
  unexpected, brave campaign. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Paul
  Newman, American Maverick - The Life and Times of Pete McCloskey offers
  an unexpected portrait of a true American character. Moderators -
  Michael Wilson and Natalie Zimmerman Michael Wilson and Natalie
  Zimmerman recently formed Social Satisfaction Media and made their first
  feature-length documentary, "Silhouette City," which premiered at the
  Miami International Film Festival. Wilson and Zimmerman's other projects
  have included performance new media, installation and photography, and
  they have exhibited/performed at festival, museums, galleries and art
  centers throughout the world. They are currently artists in residence at
  the Headlands Center for the Arts.


Hamilton Village: TIE
Evening, Colgate University

  Like all TIE exhibitions, the TIE Retrospective: Colgate Edition,
  remains dedicated to celluloid works in their true format, from the
  latest contemporary works to archival films from the rich history of
  experimental cinema. Uniquely curated and presented for Colgate
  University by TIE founder/director Christopher May, the program feature
  an eclectic range of TIE festival selections that illuminate the
  continuing vitality and beauty of celluloid, while subtle and at times
  obvious philosophical and thematic curatorial gestures conduct the flow
  of the programs. This edition includes 16mm films from Brakhage,
  Robinson, Dorsky and Sackl among others.


Los Angeles, California: 7 DUDLEY CINEMA, Los Angeles
7 & 9 PM, SPONTO Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, Venice

  7 DUDLEY CINEMA - films & live events at SPONTO Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave,
  Venice, 310-306-7330, free admission WED, Sept 17. DECLINE AND FALL
  ('07, 80m) at 7pm Erika Suderburg's (in person) experimental documentary
  about aerial bombing, reconstruction, mass protest, and monumentality.
  Spanning h istorical and present day images from Rome, Yucatsán, Berlin
  and Los Angeles her work examines empire; its artifacts, structures and
  collapse. Through archival footage of the bombing, aerial reconnaissance
  and rebuilding of WWII Berlin, contemporary footage of a 2.8 million
  person peace march in Rome at the start of the present war, a
  neighborhood candlelight vigil in Los Angeles, and astronomical events
  in and around Chichén Itz á in Yucatán, Mexico Decline and Fall
  decomposes the macro and micro movements of destruction, memorialization
  and everyday life. SOMATOGRAPHY ('00, 70m) at 9pm Suderburg's
  experimental documentary that examines the nature of storytelling in
  relation to queer and leftist Los Angeles. City, sexuality and politics
  serve as volatile sites of memory, history and defi nition which in turn
  interrogate the amnesiac constructions that we fabricate in order to
  navigate our internal and external environs. Through the nesting of
  categories and chosen topics, overlappings, frissions and "leads" to new
  stories, SOMATOGRAPHY speaks to the connective and disparate nature of
  "city" as defined through myriad voices, fanciful reconstructions, and
  uncanny connections.

San Francisco, California: Varnish Gallery
8:30, 77 Natoma Street, San Francisco

  Hi All....I will be having a benefit film screening on Weds Sept 17,2008
  at 8:30 pm. It will be at the Varnish Gallery 77 Natoma St between First
  and Second Sts. This benefit is to help fund my travel expenses to show
  films in Cuba in December....for more information please see Thanks

San Francisco, California: The LAB
1:00 PM, 2948 16th Street @ Capp

  Code-Switchers Print E-mail Jurors: Steve Dye and Stephanie Syjuco
  Featuring: Facundo Arganaraz and Nicole Anne Crescenzi, Tim Armstrong,
  Taha Belal, Terry Berlier, Jan Blythe, Lauren Dicioccio, Claudio
  Dicochea, Mark Edwards, Ariel Goldberg, Jason Hanasik, Carrie Hott, I,
  Daughter of Kong (Anjali Sundaram and Amy Hicks), Ace Lehner, Jennifer
  Little, Sarah Lockhart, Yuki Maruyama, Naomi McCavitt, Klea McKenna,
  Ranu Mukherjee, Claire Nereim and Julie Cloutier, Kit Rosenberg, Karen
  Ruenitz, Eric Sidner, Julia Kim Smith and David Beaudouin, James Pitt,
  Anna Tsouhlarakis, Adrian Van Allen, Melissa Wyman, Eiko Yamamoto, and
  Aygul Idiyatullina. Exhibition runs: Sept 17 - Oct 11, 2008 Opening
  reception: Friday, September 19, 6-9 PM featuring live music by I,
  Daughter of Kong Gallery Hours: Wed - Sat, 1-6 PM Performance evening:
  Thursday, October 2nd, 8 PM: featuring an internet play directed by Mark
  Edwards, a morse code music performance by Sarah Lockhart with Aurora
  Josephson and Suki O'Kane (SL Morse – "No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre"),
  and a video screening showing the work of Aygul Idiyatullina. How are
  contemporary artists dealing with issues of cultural complexity,
  multiple allegiances, and hybrid forms? How are they communicating these
  ideas and addressing their audience? Using the metaphor of
  "code-switching," a linguistic term referring to the use of more than
  one language within a single conversation, this juried exhibition
  investigates a variety of approaches to cultural and material
  bilingualisms, (mis)translations, appropriations, and the purposeful
  misuse of "proper" communication codes.


Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6pm, 164 N. State St.

  Curator Jon Satrom in person! What happens when the creative
  roadblocks—errors, glitches, accidents— become the building blocks in
  the art-making process? This program highlights artists who
  intentionally create problems by corrupting data, hacking signals, and
  manipulating the medium, often to the point of challenging its own
  display. Curated by new media artist and SAIC faculty member Jon Satrom,
  tonight's problem-ridden program gathers together films, videos,
  corrupted data, hacked TV broadcasts, interactive DVDs, and modified
  GameBoy tools that revel in failure, rejoice in errors, and celebrate
  the happy accident. Works include: 486 SHORT VIDEOS (LoVid, 2008); ATARI
  NOISE (Arcangel Constantini, 2000); BLINQ (Billy Roisz 2002); ENTER THE
  DEVIL (reMI, 2000); gameboy_ultraF_uk, (Corby & Baily, 2001); LINE
  (Siebren Versteeg (2000); MY%DESKTOP (JODI, 2002); SUICIDE SOLUTION
  (Brody Condon, 2004); THE WEBSITE IS DOWN (Josh Weinberg, 2008); TIEDOE
  (Karl Klomp & Totek, 2008); among others. 1966 - 2008, various
  directors, various countries, multiple formats, ca 90.

San Francisco, California: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
7:30pm, 701 Mission St

  TAYLOR MEAD: A CLOWN UNDERGROUND Thu, Sep 18, Fri, Sep 19 & Sun, Sep 21,
  7:30 pm Taylor Mead in person Sep 18 & 19 Performer and poet Taylor Mead
  has starred in over 100 films and is a central figure in the history of
  underground cinema. Though best known for the films he made with Andy
  Warhol (including Lonesome Cowboys and Nude Restaurant), Mead has
  appeared in things as diverse as Saturday Night Live, Rip Torn's staging
  of Hamlet and Midnight Cowboy. Now over 80 years old, Mead's work has a
  mature innocence, and a celebration of (and longing for) peace and joy
  that is missing from so much contemporary art today. His performances
  often bring to mind Chaplin's "tramp" character. He now spends much of
  his time writing, doing poetry readings and feeding stray animals. Mead
  will make his first San Francisco appearance in decades. Thu, Sep 18,
  7:30 pm THE FLOWER THIEF BY RON RICE "In Ron Rice's baggy-pantsed
  beatnik artifact, Warhol superstar in training Mead traipses with elfin
  glee through a lost San Francisco of smoke-stuffed North Beach cafés,
  oceanside fairgrounds, and collapsed post-industrial ruins. Boinging
  along an improvised picaresque up and down the city's hills, Mead teases
  playground schoolkids, gets abducted by cowboys in the park, and has a
  tea party on a pile of rubble with a potbellied bathing beauty."
  -Village Voice (1960, 75 min, 16mm). Screening will be followed by a
  discussion and poetry reading with Mead. "The purest expression of the
  Beat sensibility in cinema." - P. Adams Sitney Fri, Sep 19, 7:30 pm
  LONESOME COWBOYS BY ANDY WARHOL Long before Brokeback Mountain there was
  Lonesome Cowboys, a homoerotic satire of the Western with a hilarious,
  raunchy co-starring role by Mead. Shot on location at a ranch in Arizona
  used previously for John Wayne movies, Warhol edited the film while
  recuperating from his gunshot wound. Also starring Viva and Joe
  Dallesandro. (1967-68, 109 min, 16mm) Followed by discussion with Mead.
  enjoyed any of the other Mead screenings, you won't want to miss this
  poignant documentary, which offers many insights into the life of this
  underground superstar. The film follows Mead through his eccentric daily
  life, and examines the complete history of his film and performance
  work. Narrated by Steve Buscemi. (2005, 98 min, digital video)

san francisco ca 94110: artists' television access
8pm, 992 valencia

  ATA's open screening is the only monthly open submissions screening in
  the Bay Area. Get your work out there! Get feedback! Or just come and
  take it all in! One hour of shorts are accepted monthly on an open
  revolving basis, anything goes with the screened work, and the
  refreshments are pretty good too. $5, FREE admission for contributing
  artists. Door:7:30pm Projector: 8pm Not a filmmaker? Come and hang out
  with us anywayEnjoy the atmosphere, the art, the movies, the people, the
  refreshments Submissions: Label all tapes w/ name, contact, title and
  length. Mail to: Openscreening, 992 Valencia, SF, 94110 1-2 week advance
  submissions strongly recommended. If not. . . it is all good. Max
  length: 15 min. Formats: DVD, miniDV/DVcam, VHS, beta, 8mm and 16mm All
  genres. More Info: contact Matt & Richard at
  email suppressed


Antwerp: Muhka_media
20:00, Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen

  THE ORDER OF THINGS Film program in the context of the exhibition with
  the same title at MuHKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (11th
  September 2008 > 4th January 2009). Curated by Stoffel Debuysere and
  María Palacios Cruz. # 19.09.2008: THE ORDER OF THINGS 2 DE/CODING
  Poetics of Collage A series of films in which found footage - submitted
  to various realignments, interruptions and interpolations - has been
  reorganized in a poetical form. How can putting together fragments of
  the world create new meanings, new ways of thinking, looking and
  listening? For what purposes were these images originally created and
  constructed, and what new vitality, force and desire might erupt by
  deconstructing them? How to connect elements distant in time and space,
  in an attempt to take a grasp on the world we live in, dig below and
  behind the surface, in search of the unspoken, the suppressed, the
  innate? 20:00 Abigail Child Surface Noise 2000, 16mm, colour, sound, 18'
  Abigail Child's complex audiovisual sonatas investigate, interrogate and
  interpret contemporary social realities; mainly the construction of
  gender identity and behaviour in public and private spaces. Deploying a
  number of strategies – vertical montage, asymptotic convergence, sound
  and noise juxtapositions – she recycles meaning out of the informational
  chaos and dismantles predetermined notions and narratives, drawing the
  attention to what happens in the margins, the gazes, poses and gestures
  we ourselves are hardly aware of. The sound montage was created in
  collaboration with New York musicians Zeena Parkins, Christian Marclay,
  Shelley Hirsch and Jim Black. Alan Berliner Everywhere at once 1985,
  16mm, colour, sound, 10' A musical montage, a synchronised symphony
  composed from an infinity of elements taken from Berliner's own personal
  archive of cultural artefacts and residues: piano cords and cable cars,
  cocktail jazz and broken glass, loony tunes and telephones, elephants
  and xylophones, violins and vultures, orchestras and roller coasters… A
  journey in images at the rhythm of sound. With this sort of "bricolage",
  Berliner attempts to bridge a wide range of poetic horizons: the actual
  with the possible, pre-history with science fiction, magic with science
  fact, the medium with the message. Frank & Caroline Mouris Frank Film
  1973, 35mm, colour, sound, 9' Frank Mouris's animated autobiography
  composed of more than 11.000 images collected from magazines and
  catalogues, which shift and mutate across the screen as Mouris recites a
  list of words beginning with the letter 'f'. The words bounce off the
  images and generate an associative flow of memories, which Mouris
  recounts on a second track, interwoven with the recitation. The result
  is an obsessive and mesmerizing collage, which film critic Andrew Sarris
  described as "a nine-minute evocation or America's exhilarating
  everythingness". This film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short
  Film in 1973. Bruce Conner A Movie 1958, 16mm, b&w, sound, 12' The debut
  film of Bruce Conner, recently deceased, and an undeniable cornerstone
  in the art of collage filmmaking. Inspired by the surrealist poetry of
  zapping, the aesthetics of film trailers and the use of archive material
  in the Marx Brothers comedy Duck Soup, Conner spent many years working
  in what he would call a "universal film", the world reflected in a
  compendium of symbolic images from newsreel, fiction films, educational
  material and softcore porno. As Patricia Mellencamp has pointed out,
  it's "a history of cinema as catastophe" that "becomes the history of
  Western culture or the United States - a history of colonial conquest by
  technology, resolutely linking, sex, death, and cinema - questioning our
  very desire for cinema." Chick Strand Loose Ends 1979, 16mm, b&w, sound,
  25' A collage film about the process of internalizing the information
  that bombards us through a combination of personal experience and media
  in all forms. These fragmented images of life, sometimes shared by all,
  sometimes isolated and obscure, but with common threads, speed through
  our senses in large numbers and complicated mixtures of fantasy, dream
  and reality. Chick Strand leads us to a state of psychological entropy
  tending toward a uniform inertness … an insensitive lack of involvement
  in the 'condition humaine' and our own humanity. William Farley Tribute
  1986, 16mm, b&w, sound, 7' An affirmative vision of life and death, in
  memory of the artist's brother, built entirely out of archive images
  from the 1950's and 1960's – a ship launching, a tree falling, a woman
  dancing, …, impersonal subjects that become icons and metaphors for our
  most personal thoughts. Image after image emerge from darkness,
  reminding us of the purity and conflict that are always part of our
  collective experience of existence. The Music is by David Byrne. ** 81'
  22:30 Simon Pummell Bodysong 2003, 35mm, colour, sound, 83' Simon
  Pummell's first feature film is an epic story of love, sex, violence,
  death and dreams: the story of human life, told by means of an
  impressive collage of images from around the world and across 100 years
  of cinema history. A seemingly endless succession of fragments of silent
  films, newsreels, documentaries and home movies serves as a meditation
  on the micro and macroscopical order of people's lives. The hypnotic
  soundtrack is by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. An interactive version of
  this work is available on ** 83'

Kansas City, Missouri: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
7:00 p.m., 4525 Oak Street

  "Opening Networks," web-based artwork curated by Patrick Clancy and Gwen
  Widmer. Additional programs on Sept. 12 and 26. Visiting Artist Jon
  Phillips on Sept. 19. "The myth of sole authorship is perpetuated
  throughout contemporary culture. With the mass popularization of remix
  culture through YouTube videos, inexpensive media production software,
  and cheap broadband, anyone can chop audio samples, blend multiple
  sources of video, globally broadcast mixes, and more easily access and
  create works collaboratively. But what is so broad about the band, and
  who or what is in the band? And, if no content in these broad pipes is
  new, is there some proximity of originality between works so that some
  may be considered more original than others? How does this play out in
  the global and art economies? While not rehashing obvious connections to
  the previous art histories of collage, appropriation and now remix, this
  program will actively analyze the state of remix culture and mashups and
  question whether they are sustainable cultural software that has the
  potential to run continuously, evolve, and further expand into the
  mainstream of contemporary art. Videos will be shown from the vast
  Internet archive collection, YouTube, and other sources from around the
  world. Also, the implications of copyright law and piracy on the state
  of art as commodity and a critical look at future sustainable models of
  intellectual property that are being rapidly constructed around content
  industries will be explored, including my" – Jon

London, England:
19.00, Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9JE, UK.

 TANK.TV SCREENINGS AT TATE MODERN at Tate Modern 19th - 21st September 2008 has the
  pleasure of holding a weekend of screenings from its 2008 Guest Curators
  Programme in Tate Modern's Starr Auditorium. invited some of
  the world's foremost curators of artist's film and video to create
  exhibitions exclusively for its online platform. Four of these shows
  have been re-thought and re-constructed specifically for screening at
  Tate Modern. Join us after the screenings for wonderful cakes kindly
  provided by Patisserie Valerie and drinks generously supplied by Kirin
  and Firefly. Tickets are on sale now and available to book via Tate's
  Ken Jacobs, 'Return to the Scene of the Crime'. Friday 19 September
  2008, 19.00 In a contemporary riff on one of his landmark works, the
  influential experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs uses new technology to
  both interrogate and arouse a theatrical tableau, shot in 1905, based on
  Hogarth's Southwark Fair. The antique film print is probed, exploded and
  reconstituted in the digital domain with radical ingenuity and
  infectious wit. This extraordinary new work teaches us how to see.
  Screening curated by Mark Webber. 'The Young and Evil', Curated by
  Stuart Comer. Saturday 20 September 2008, 19.00 Reconsidering the
  historical contours and shifting relationships of sex and community in
  the digital age, a range of artists has been invited to select two
  works: one contemporary video shown to be shown online, and one
  historical film to be screened in the cinema. Selectors include AA
  Bronson, Drew Daniel, William E Jones, Daria Martin, Carlos Motta,
  Henrik Olesen, Karol Radziszewski, Emily Roysdon, Bruce Yonemoto and
  Akram Zaatari. 'She doesn't think so but she's dressed for the h-bomb',
  curated by Negar Azimi. Sunday 21 September 2008, 15.00 'She doesn't
  think so but she's dressed for the h-bomb' explores the weight of
  diverse histories in defining the current moment - whether manifest in
  the form of national myth, ritual, architecture or pop culture. Works
  by: Ziad Antar, Shahryrar Nashat, Rosalind Nashashibi, Yael Bartana,
  Iman Issa, Hassan Khan, The Atlas Group, Ahmet Ogut and Haris
  Epaminonda. 'The Whole World', Curated by Ian White Sunday 21 September
  2008, 17.00 Online 'The Whole World' is an ongoing open archive to which
  anyone can contribute - an uncensored list of lists inaugurated by
  considering it as a formal and political device. Originally selected and
  submitted works are reorganized and augmented into this single programme
  including works by Claude Chuzel, Hollis Frampton, Dalia Neis, Uriel
  Orlow, Michael Robinson and Valerie Tevere.

London, England: Tate Modern
7pm, Bankside, SE1 9TG

  "The heartwarming story of a boy who didn't know it's wrong to steal.
  Running off with the pig seemed like a good idea at the time." RETURN TO
  THE SCENE OF THE CRIME (Ken Jacobs, 2008, 92 min) In a contemporary riff
  on one of his landmark works, the influential experimental filmmaker Ken
  Jacobs uses new technology to both interrogate and arouse a theatrical
  tableau, shot in 1905, based on Hogarth's Southwark Fair. The antique
  film print is probed, exploded and reconstituted in the digital domain
  with radical ingenuity and infectious wit. This extraordinary new work
  teaches us how to see. /// Join us after the screenings for wonderful
  cakes kindly provided by Patisserie Valerie and drinks generously
  supplied by Kirin and Firefly /// Curated by Mark Webber. A
  retrospective of Ken Jacobs' work will be online at from 1
  October to 30 November 2008.

San Francisco, California: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
7:30pm, 701 Mission St

  TAYLOR MEAD: A CLOWN UNDERGROUND Thu, Sep 18, Fri, Sep 19 & Sun, Sep 21,
  7:30 pm Taylor Mead in person Sep 18 & 19 Performer and poet Taylor Mead
  has starred in over 100 films and is a central figure in the history of
  underground cinema. Though best known for the films he made with Andy
  Warhol (including Lonesome Cowboys and Nude Restaurant), Mead has
  appeared in things as diverse as Saturday Night Live, Rip Torn's staging
  of Hamlet and Midnight Cowboy. Now over 80 years old, Mead's work has a
  mature innocence, and a celebration of (and longing for) peace and joy
  that is missing from so much contemporary art today. His performances
  often bring to mind Chaplin's "tramp" character. He now spends much of
  his time writing, doing poetry readings and feeding stray animals. Mead
  will make his first San Francisco appearance in decades........... Thu,
  Sep 18, 7:30 pm THE FLOWER THIEF BY RON RICE "In Ron Rice's
  baggy-pantsed beatnik artifact, Warhol superstar in training Mead
  traipses with elfin glee through a lost San Francisco of smoke-stuffed
  North Beach cafés, oceanside fairgrounds, and collapsed post-industrial
  ruins. Boinging along an improvised picaresque up and down the city's
  hills, Mead teases playground schoolkids, gets abducted by cowboys in
  the park, and has a tea party on a pile of rubble with a potbellied
  bathing beauty." -Village Voice (1960, 75 min, 16mm). Screening will be
  followed by a discussion and poetry reading with Mead............. Fri,
  Sep 19, 7:30 pm LONESOME COWBOYS BY ANDY WARHOL Long before Brokeback
  Mountain there was Lonesome Cowboys, a homoerotic satire of the Western
  with a hilarious, raunchy co-starring role by Mead. Shot on location at
  a ranch in Arizona used previously for John Wayne movies, Warhol edited
  the film while recuperating from his gunshot wound. Also starring Viva
  and Joe Dallesandro. (1967-68, 109 min, 16mm) Followed by discussion
  with Mead........ Sun, Sep 21, 7:30 pm EXCAVATING TAYLOR MEAD BY WILLIAM
  A. KIRKLEY If you enjoyed any of the other Mead screenings, you won't
  want to miss this poignant documentary, which offers many insights into
  the life of this underground superstar. The film follows Mead through
  his eccentric daily life, and examines the complete history of his film
  and performance work. Narrated by Steve Buscemi. (2005, 98 min, digital

san francisco ca 94110: MadCat Women’s International Film Festival
7:30pm, 992 valencia

  Orbit Kerry Laitala 2006 - 7 min - Color - 16mm - US Filmmaker in Person
  Candy-apple light emissions tickle the retinas in this playful pulsation
  of mis-registered images created when a lab accidentally split the film
  from 16mm to regular 8. (screened at MadCat in 2006) Winter Return
  Chelsea Walton 2006 - 1 min - Color - mini-DV - US - Filmmaker in Person
  A moody stop-motion peek at a city. (screened at MadCat in 2006)
  Contemplating the City (Contemplando La Ciudad) Angela Reginato 2005 -
  3:30 min - B/W - 16mm - US/MX Perfectly, without affect, a girl sings
  along with a pop tune, transporting herself through space and time to
  Mexico City circa 1978. (screened at MadCat in 2005) Late Diane Cheklich
  2003 - 7:38 min - B/W - 16mm - US A collage of eerie, high-contrast
  shots of seedy hotels and Dial-A-Savior billboards flicker by as
  late-night radio evangelist Sister Agnes Phillips dispenses wisdom and
  hope to lost souls. (screened at MadCat in 2004) Hotel City Phoebe Tooke
  2004 - 16 min - B/W - 16mm - US - Filmmaker in Person Four tenants
  living in SRO (single residence occupancy) hotels struggle to improve
  their lot. Through the Central City SRO Collaborative, they fight
  alongside other tenants and community members for better, safer
  conditions as well as address larger issues facing their neighborhoods.
  (screened at MadCat in 2004) Historia del Desierto Celia Galan Julve
  2002 - 6 min - Color - Beta - UK Spanish with English subtitles Set
  against the Chihuahua desert, artful stop-motion action illustrates the
  brutal crimes of the fictitious Rosita Guzm·n, a.k.a. La Mocha, who
  keeps her pursuers guessing for more than forty years. (screened at
  MadCat in 2003) Vessel Wrestling Lisa Yu 2001 - 13 min - Color - 16mm -
  US Jello, clay and human hair are the elements of this domestic space
  gone awry. Hairballs have a mind of their own and humans melt into light
  fixtures only to ooze out of the walls in erotic delight. (screened at
  MadCat in 2002) Sorry, Brenda Samara Halperin 2000 - 3 min - B/W- 16mm -
  US - Filmmaker in Person Using scenes from Beverly Hills 90210 shot on
  Super-8 off a television monitor and optically printed to 16mm, the
  filmmaker arranges a love affair between two unlikely characters.
  (screened at MadCat in 2001)


Berkeley, California: Expressions Gallery
7pm, 2035 Ashby Avenue, (near Ashby BART Station)

  Expressions Gallery's Visual Music series presents ExoTV: Enigmatic
  Vision, Improvised electro-acoustic music with kinetic ambient
  animations by Mika Pontecorvo (Flute, Live electronic processing/Max
  MSP) and Adriane Pontecorvo (Cello). 7:00 PM, Saturday, September 20 at
  Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, (Near Ashby BART
  Station). Free; 510-644-4930, Contact: Loren
  Means, email suppressed The performance will include excerpts from
  movements entitled BLIPVERT/SUBVERT (Due), CHOREO (Qua), and a full
  performance of the movement AQUA (Tre). These are early results of a
  Kinetic Ambient Fiction Engine Architecture (KAFEA) being
  designed/developed by Mika with Neal Elzenga. The performance utilizes
  source imagery from the artwork of Artist/Writer Professor Meg Schoerke
  of San Francisco State University. The KAFEA system is a follow-on from
  Pontecorvo and Elzenga's earlier generative meta-design concepts
  entitled 'Arties', first presented at the AISB'99 Symposium on Creative
  Evolutionary Systems in Edinburgh, UK in 1999 and refined for the
  Generative Arts '99 Conference in Milan that same year. Mika studied
  composition with and worked as an assistant under the electronic music
  pioneer Vladimir Ussachevsky. Mika's other work includes Research and
  Development in artificial intelligence, virtual environments, and
  interactive media. Most recently this research has focused on the
  application of simulated evolutionary systems and other Complex Adaptive
  Systems (CAS) concepts to design, arts, and product ideation. Adriane's
  Cello work began with performing live improvised film scores in an
  arabic-jazz-psychedelic fusion band in 2004. She has performed in a
  number of noise and experimental rock units since that time. They are
  both currently members of the experimental ensembles Cartoon Justice and
  Theory Garden. Their work can be found at the following websites: or for more info
  email: email suppressed

Bristol: Arnolfini
3.00pm, 16 Narrow Quay

  Tickets £3/£2 concs. & Spike Associates. A celebration of the artist run
  space Ayton Basement, Newcastle through work by some of the artists who
  showed there. In 1976 a few month after artists run space 2B Butler's
  Wharf opened in London, Ayton Basement opened on the quayside in
  Newcastle Upon Tyne. 'A space run by artists for contemporary work in
  video, film, and live performance'. It would present work by Eric
  Bainbridge, Paul Burwell, Nicolas Collins, Stuart Marshall, David
  Critchely, Roland Miller and Shirley Cameron, Jenny Okun, Alison
  Winckle, amongst others. Many of these artists would also be active in
  other organisations including, London Film Makers Co-op, London
  Musicians Collective, and London Video Arts. In due course Ayton
  Basement would become Basement Group and move to a new venue in Spectro
  Arts Workshop, and then continue to evolve with a new group of artists
  taking on Basement Group which would become Projects UK and continues
  today in Newcastle as Locus +. Curated and presented by Peter Todd a
  founding member. Programme. PEA SOUP. NICOLAS COLLINS. 1974-76, sound
  CD.16 mins. Recorded live at Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic. June 1999.
  Nicolas Collins, electronics, George Cremsachi, double bass. A
  self-stabilizing network of circuitry nudges the pitch of audio feedback
  to a different resonant frequency every time the feedback starts to
  build. The familiar shriek is replaced with unstable patterns of hollow
  tones, a site-specific raga reflecting the acoustical personality of the
  room. These architectural melodies can be influenced by moving in the
  space, making other sounds, or even by letting in a draft of cold air.
  CLOUDS. JENNY OKUN. 1975, Colour, 3 Minutes. 16mm silent.This film
  contrasts the concepts of relative motion and absolute motion. The speed
  and direction of the car and clouds, the spiralling motion of the
  camera, and the stationary factory chimneys all combine to produce the
  illusion of space within the frame. STILL LIFE. JENNY OKUN. 1976,
  silent, colour, 6 mins, 16mm silent. Still Life explores the
  transformation of an image from colour negative to colour positive on
  one film stock. The still life was painted its colour negative during
  filming and then the exposed film was processed and then printed on
  colour negative printstock. PEDAGOGUE. NEIL BARTLETT and STUART
  MARSHALL. 1988, 10mins, video. A short performance to camera by solo
  performer/dramatist Neil Bartlett. Pedagogue explores in comic style the
  possible implications of Clause 28. Through Clause 28, the British
  Government took powers to outlaw the 'promotion of homosexuality' in
  education and local government. THREE PIECES PERFORMED AT THE ROBERT
  SELF GALLERY NEWCASTLE. PETER TODD. Reformatted from original stills in
  2006 by Susi Arnott. 2.5 mins. DVD. Three pieces presented during One
  Artist One Day at the short lived but influential Newcastle branch of
  the Robert Self Gallery. PIECES I NEVER DID. DAVID CRITCHLEY. 1979, 35
  mins, DVD. "Talking to camera, I described ideas that had never got
  beyond a note in a sketchbook. Paradoxically, I was able to resurrect on
  video these items of personal performance that had been edged out by the
  structuralism of early video art, such as shouting the words "Shut Up!"
  until I lost my voice, having objects thrown at me until I changed
  colour, and proposing to end the piece by blowing myself up. I intended
  the piece to be colourful and action packed -". IDIOPHONICS. STUART
  MARSHALL. 1971-72. re-staged performance. Duration variable. A
  performance for three people with castenets, and portable foghorns. With
  special thanks to Alvin Lucier, Nicolas Collins. Basement Basement
  corresponded the publication of THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU From
  the Collective Archive of The Basement Group, Projects UK and Locus+
  (1977-2007), and follows on from a number of events, exhibitions and
  documentation covering this period including the exhibitions, 'fast and
  loose (my dead gallery) London 1956 – 2006 at The Fieldgate Gallery and
  the online exhibition 2B Butler's Wharf Basement Basement was first
  presented at Candid Arts London by LUX on 21st Sept. 2007. Subsequent
  presentations have been at The Star and Shadow Cinema Newcastle and the
  International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008. Supported by Spike Island
  Associates Prgramme.

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

  With Filmmaker Kirthi Nath in Person! Co-Presented by 3rd I. Kirthi Nath
  is an award winning South Asian filmmaker, writer, educator and curator.
  As an artist, her body of inspired creative work fluidly straddles
  genres, occupying a fertile hybrid landscape of cultural poetics,
  experimentalism, and hybrid narrative. Tactile and dreamlike, her work
  explores female subjectivity, memory, desire, and racial and sexual
  identities. Nath's films have shown in several festivals and events
  including a solo show at The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Moondance
  International Women's Festival, San Francisco Asian American Film
  Festival, Berkeley Women of Color Festival and Ladyfest (Olympia,
  Scotland, Bay Area and Texas). As an educator, Kirthi teaches video at
  the Bay Area Video Coalition to marginalized youth communities and is
  constantly exploring multiple ways of empowering young people to become
  both producer and audience; to understand genre and go beyond it.
  Screening this evening are the short films Embrace It (2007); Come On,
  Big Empty (2006); Letting Go (2005); By the By (2004); The To Do List
  Confession (2001); Incarnation (1999); 2:38 (1999); and Yours (1999).
  Total running time: 57 mins. Q & A with the filmmaker to follow the
  program. About 3rd I: From art-house classics to documentary films, from
  innovative and experimental visions to next-level Bollywood, 3rd I is
  committed to promoting diverse images of South Asians through
  independent film. The group, who's national chapter is based out of San
  Francisco, showcases films from and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri
  Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, the Maldives and the global South Asian

TIE Retrospective: The Shivering Eyelash: TIE
8:PM, Aurora Picture Show

  X-Ray Film I - The Alimentary System (Fleisch Archive, 1936, 16mm,
  silent, 11 min., 22fps, Germany) This is the first of several of Prof.
  Robert Janker's x-ray films. The filmmaker was a pioneer of x-ray
  cinematography. The film was first featured in a TIE-2005 festival
  program that showcased educational films that were made during the Third
  Reich in Germany. Un Chant D'Amour (Jean Genet, 1950, 16mm, silent,
  23min., 24fps, France) One of the most memorable avant-garde films ever
  made, Un Chant D'Amour is also one of the most controversial. Made by
  the famed writer, Jean Genet, it features uncensored, sensual,
  jail-house scenes. Two prisoners in complete isolation, separated by the
  thick brick walls, and desperately in need of human contact, devise a
  most unusual kind of communication. Spectator(Frans Zwartjes, 1970,
  16mm, optical sound, 11min., 24fps, Netherlands) Hidden safely behind
  his camera, the photographer can't get enough of what the glamorous
  model, with her long eye lashes, has to offer him. The Secret
  Cinema(Paul Bartel, 1968, 16mm, optical sound, 30min., 24fps, USA) The
  Secret Cinema is a black-comic tale of a woman whose fears that her life
  is being filmed for the entertainment of her friends turn out to be
  true. The film presaged the sardonic tone of most of the maker's later
  work (Eating Raoul), though he would mostly abandon The Secret Cinema's
  experimental aspects in favor of linear narratives with perverse


Chicago, Illinois: White Light Cinema
7:00pm, The Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

  With Michelle Citron in Person! White Light Cinema and The Nightingale
  are pleased to co-present a special screening of Michelle Citron's
  feminist classic Daughter Rite (1978, 53 mins., 16mm), in its 30th
  anniversary year. Daughter Rite is of the key films from the 1970s
  alternative film scene – a time when feminism, theory, progressive
  politics, queer issues, and a general sense of questioning of
  experimental, documentary, and narrative norms were all being felt.
  Daughter Rite combines many of these concerns to create a fascinating
  and influential hybrid, a genre-bending film that remains a vibrant and
  timely exploration of reality and fiction 30 years after it was made.
  "Daughter Rite is a classic, the missing link between the 'direct
  cinema' documentaries and the later hybrids that acknowledged truth
  couldn't always be found in front of a camera lens. Scandalous in its
  day for bending the rules of representation to enlighten its audience
  about filmmaking, Daughter Rite has a lot to teach folks hooked on
  reality TV, too. Citron's documentary inquiries into feminism, women in
  the trades, and feminist approaches to media representation are time
  capsules that merit re-opening." (B. Ruby Rich, author of Chick Flicks:
  Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement). Michelle Citron is
  an award-winning media artist whose work includes Daughter Rite and What
  You Take For Granted… (films), and As American As Apple Pie, Cocktails &
  Appetizers, and Mixed Greens (CD-ROMs). She is the author of the
  prize-winning book, Home Movies and Other Necessary Fictions, and she's
  received grants from the NEA, NEH, and Illinois Arts Council. She is
  Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts, Columbia College,
  Chicago. Admission: $7.00-10.00, sliding scale.

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas

  The AAFF Tour is a program of many of the finest cutting-edge, creative
  and artfully-crafted independent films from the most recent festival.
  Tonight includes "The Anthem" by world-renowned director Apichtapong
  Weerasethakul, "The Drift" by Kelly Sears, "My Croatian Nose" by Richard
  Dinter, "A Hundred Feet Universe" by Naoko Tasaka, and many more. The
  full program can be found at: General
  admission $10, students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members. The
  Egyptian Theatre has a validation stamp for the Hollywood & Highland
  complex. Park 4 hours for $2 with validation.

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