Re: volunteering in San Francisco

From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 10 2008 - 19:40:52 PDT


It's the first week after labour day. Give the guy a break! He's in
a new town and wants to make connections.

He'll soon feel the prickly, creeping claws of grad-school mania at
the nape of his neck, tugging at his youth, followed by seditious
whispers... doubt and terror... he'll begin to wonder if his thesis
is worth writing, whether he's worthy of writing it, whether his
professors are all contemptuous geniuses or contemptible fools, why
he bothered going to grad school in the first place, why the hell
it's taking him so long to graduate, whether he maybe should just
lurk in the corridors forever, like a ghost without a clear thesis
statement, avoiding classes and offices, shuffling past ever-younger
and more-distant undergrads, and he'll rage at their naive smiles.
He'll awake to the quiet poetry of his concluding paragraph which
floats away, unintelligible, and perhaps that dream will awaken him
for months, years...

Finally, maybe a decade or two from now, he'll be dropped, blinking,
on the pavement, with a fancy parchment holding several important
signatures in an overpriced frame with a school crest he's never
looked at closely, with gargoyles or lions or woodpeckers on it.
Then he'll look back a the ivy-covered door, wander away slowly...
and the dream from then on will be a spinning sensation that fades
away more and more slowly each morning.

Flick Harrison,

PS - Charles: good idea to get involved in something - anything -
that has nothing to do with school. Don't let it take over your
schedule but it will be a welcome breath of sanity when you are knee-
deep in abstracts. In my grad years I wrote about film for
independent papers downtown and that made the post-school transition
waaay easier. Plus, in a grad class of 4, it was great to have a
wider network of friends / artists.


On 10-Sep-08, at 6:07 PM, Shane Eason wrote:

> Too much free time in graduate school? I'm not sure what to make of
> that and I do find it hard to believe. What school is it? What is
> the course work? My grad and undergrad students have a heavy load
> of course work regarding research, projects, concepts, etc. It just
> seems like an odd request/statement to make for someone in grad
> program.
> On Sep 10, 2008, at 6:42 PM, charles chadwick <email suppressed>
> wrote:
> Hey everyone. I just moved to San Francisco for grad school, but
> don't have a job and have too much free time. So, I'm looking to
> volunteer my time somewhere. Any ideas where to look? I've already
> emailed Canyon and ATA...
> anyone that needs a volunteer, or any organizations you know of,
> please let me know...
> -charles
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