My Messes Don't Make It to the LSD

From: Chuck Kleinhans (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 12:02:36 PDT

Ok, I never ever send political information to a group list, but this
time I thought I'll give it a try and send it just like a Famous
Artist* who sent it to me.

*(NOT an "academic")


Which Cari Buttons would you lick?

Chose one of the packages below,
Then enter your shopping address

· 2-sided:

· side 1: academic does not mean 'school'

· side 2: Of, relating to, or characteristic of a school,
especially one of higher learning

          how many times do i have to write that on this list???????

· (Hologram: alternates two messages)

Message 1: you obviously do not understand such activity

  Message 2: notice i am not stooping to your level of name calling

Bumperstickers (no car? Be a Kool Kid & Put it on your bike or laptop!)

(Black Helvetica on Yellow Day-Glo) :
  it is not compartmentalized in tinie little tight ass boxes
organized to the death

what about actual thought type stuff?


look the futurists actually became soldiers and went off to fight a
war in the name of art

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Squatting, Not Stooping
2008 Utopia Parkway
Moofon NY

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