Re: RULES was Re: FramWorks, Obama, Satantango, politics, etc.

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 12:59:34 PDT

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 3:17 PM, Fred Camper <email suppressed> wrote:

> Cari Machet wrote:
> you can make a post about green sox if you want as far as i am concerned
>> there is a reason in the constitution of the united states
>> written oh in the 1700's
>> and amended to include the bill of rights later
>> was inclusive of freedom of speech...
> This is perhaps the most ignorant thing I have ever read on FrameWorks.
> It supports my point that this group is being wrecked by people posting
> about what they don't know.
> All the First Amendment does is prevent government from restricting free
> speech. It does not require a publisher or editor to publish anything
> submitted. It would not prevent the moderator of this group from banning all
> political posts, for example. He has chosen to be an unintrusive moderator,
> which is in many ways a good thing. But there is nothing wrong with others
> of us arguing that the group becomes less useful to us when people post
> useless and ignorant things. My argument is for group members to cooperate
> with the group's stated purpose, a point that many agree with, not in favor
> of banning anything.

your 'logic' is not logic
just because you come to a conclusion doesn't mean your 'points' that
supposedly support your argument actually do
i wasn't saying what you took from my post
i was using our constitution as an example of why we wouldn't want to have
banning of specific posts
i think this is called inductive reasoning fred
and regarding my stating the date i was stating that these standards and
practices have been the norm for like a while now
i was communicating that these ideas have been around for some time now
umn we have been effectively functioning under these standards just for a
while - 1700 - ya know?
there has to be some reason - reason - reason for that

connectivity fred connectivity - 'we' want to make connections
reasoning - thought process
if you are interested in such thought processies perhaps you should go to
law school
or study philosophy
you obviously do not understand such activity
notice i am not stooping to your level of name calling
as you are prone to do on this list to me and others

the real reason for not crying about people posting random shit is
exactly what beatriz said
you really never know what info will come of it
like people knowing more about 'satantango' in this thread
so if you look at the overall thread actually others have contributed way
more than you in regard to exp film

enjoy your day fred


> The "just don't read it" argument is almost always used in such 'Net cases,
> but to me the whole point of a group like this is to participate, and when
> half or more of the posts are of the "just don't read it" variety, it's
> easier to go back to not reading the group at all. Then we will have a group
> of people chatting with each other about nothing.
> Fred Camper
> Chicago
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