Re: FramWorks, Obama, Satantango, politics, etc.

From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 05 2008 - 11:58:30 PDT

On 5-Sep-08, at 10:44 AM, Fred Camper wrote:

> Of course politics is relevant to film. But I think everyone on
> this list knows who Obama is, and, being on the Internet, knows how
> to find out more about him if they want to. We don't need to be
> told to support him, or to not support him, or to buy Obama
> buttons! If everyone on this list posted about everything that
> interested them, we would all be overwhelmed.

I agree. Plus, there are extremely testy people on this list, or
rather, everybody gets a little testy now and then.

Yes, the "who's using the bathroom alla time!" posts are a bit much,
and the Obama stuff was completely outrageous. Then again, when
you're facing the prospect of a creepy nutter starting world war III,
little things like netiquette are hard to abide - I'm sure the
situationists in their prime would have made even Emily Postnews tap
her toes and harumph impatiently.

> I prefer to read decently written posts that are well informed.
> Having seen "Satantango" twice, complete, and on film, I don't need
> to read a post from someone who has seen an hour or so of it on video.

With all due respect, that's going a bit far if you're suggesting the
"Satantango" post was unframeworkian. There was quite a going
discussion a while back about digital distribution of inferior copies
of works, and just now about officially re-presenting older works in
various states of fidelity. I can't imagine where you'd draw the
official line between "specialized knowledge" reactions to works or
topics, "personal" reaction, and "trivial" reactions. There are
plenty of people who think the entire field of experimental film is
trivial, who would in fact call all that specialized knowledge itself

> What's great about FrameWorks is that so many people here have
> specialized knowledge of various aspects of experimental cinema.
> What wrecks the list is people posting opinions about topics they
> don't know much about, plus personal trivia.

As they say in Hollywood: nobody knows anything. Personal, trivia,
knowledge, etc... all part of individual film and criticism. I don't
think we need a peer-review process on this list. The difference
between Jim Carlile calling La Jetee "overrated" and a tenured
professor who might argue that "actually, current research is
increasingly treating La Jetee as relevant" (which, as I recall
wasn't what happened) is certainly interesting, and I wouldn't want
either to be booted off the list.


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