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From: Roslyn Broder (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 04 2008 - 21:10:56 PDT

Why artists should care about Obama:

Barack Obama:
-Supports increasing *funding* for the NEA from $125 million to $175 million
-Wants to expand both public and private partnerships between schools and *
arts* organizations
-Supports the creation of an "Artists Corp" to work in low-income
-Promotes cultural diplomacy (send performance artists abroad)
-Welcomes international artists into the US
-Wants to provide health care to artists and their family members
-Supports ensuring tax fairness for artists
-As Senator, co-sponsored and passed legislation to honor the legacy of
dancer Katherine Dunham
-Supports the Artists-Museum Partnership Act, which allows artists to deduct
the fair market value of their work when making charitable contributions

*John McCain*:
-In 1999, voted NO on *funding* for the National Endowment of the *Arts*
-Voted in favor of the Helms Amendment to withdraw Federal *funding* grants
to art considered "obscene" and "inappropriate"
-An honorary member of the National Hispanic Foundation for the *Arts*,
-2007, proposed a bill to protect Indian *arts* and crafts

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 9:31 PM, k. a.r. <email suppressed> wrote:

> (sorry about the multi posts, I'm in Mexico and my internet connection is
> weird.)
> I just want to say:
> I think all of you writing the nasty comments to me are just being mean,
> and looking for a fight.
> Well, you're not gonna get that from me, I'm a lover not a fighter :)
> Saying I am sick of obama is not a political comment, its more of a comment
> about
> the overload of attention, my point proven by the fact that there is a post
> promoting him on this FILM DISCUSSION LIST.
> What I said in the first post is the truth. This is a film discussion
> list.
> Putting a post on just to forward a link for political propaganda is not
> relevant to this list.
> That's the only thing I was trying to say.
> You people have made me really sad, the nasty personal attacks are 100%
> uncalled for.
> Let's just drop this, because I really don't appreciate the negativity that
> is being directed at me.
> And personal attacks are also NOT what this list is for, ya big bunch of
> meanies.....
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