Re: FRAMEWORKS Digest - 31 Aug 2008 (#2008-457)

From: Jud Yalkut (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 01 2008 - 07:54:41 PDT

Re: "Fuses", A Note of Interest

When Carolee was in the late stages of completing "Fuses," she wanted
very much to see what it would
look like on the screen. We arranged to have a test screening at my
apartment on St. Marks Plsce where
I had a trusty old Bell & Howell manual thread projector (which I still
have and which runs great) because
I knew it was gentle on film. We had an afternoon screening with friend
and poet Clayton Eshleman of
"Caterpillar" magazine present. I had to nurse the stitched, glued and
collaged original through the projector,
stopping and starting about thirty times, but we were able to get a
good idea of how it looked at that stage.
When Carollee finished her editing, I arranged for her to see the good
people at A-One (who processed and
printed all of my films of the period) and they agreed to step print it
to make a duplicable master.
They were also great because they did not mind the content of the film.
They were always very concientious about
working with independent and experimental filmmakers and I don't
believe a great many of the works
of that time would have been completed without them.

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