Re: Looking for 16mm sound mix studio

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 30 2008 - 00:50:24 PDT

> As far as anyone becoming furious, these are hard times to
> keep a
> facility afloat, especially one that understands the needs
> of non-
> commercial makers. If it doesn't get utilized, it
> tends to
> disappear. I think empathy would be a better emotion.

It might not be anger towards the facility people but anger towards the general situation of film being abandoned and the way society and the world is going. I think people can feel that way without blaming the lab people as the lab people are having to respond to economic conditions. In fact you could really like the lab people for providing access to film but feel frustrated by the general situation of being unable to make your art or something.

I hope he finds a resolve for his current situation but I guess he will have to have a new plan for projects in the future.

Maybe in the future he can work without sync sound?

Whatever happens I wish him lots of luck!




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