From: David Berridge (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 27 2008 - 06:47:17 PDT

At my blogzine More Milk Yvette, I've been publishing a number of
posts on Robert Smithson's cavern cinema proposal, prompted by an
article in the current issue of Cabinet magazine (30). I've been
researching Smithson's proposal and looking at a range of artistic
activity that literally took place underground - concerts by
Stockhausen, films by Gordon Matta-Clark - as well as producing a
number of scores and image responses.

I've wanted for a while to run Flash Blog Symposiums at More Milk
Yvette, quickly gathering a range of writing, images, sound and film
around a particular research question. So this will be the first one.
If anyone has any thoughts, essays, images, references, articles,
films and so on that relate to Smithson's cavern and (literally)
underground cinema, please send them along and I'll curate an on line
exhibition ongoingly as material arrives. As well as any historical
material, I'm particularly interested in contemporary variants of the
cavern cinema, or works that explore any current relevance and

I've also found some newspaper articles about underground cinemas in
Paris. Does anyone on the list have experience of those?

Please send any contributions ASAP - and in a blogger compatible
format - to (address suppressed)

look forward to hearing from you

all best

David Berridge

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