Re: underwater camera bags

From: Matt Kemp (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 26 2008 - 12:44:36 PDT

For Super 8 underwater bags, the brand you want is Ewa Marine. They
made a range of underwater flexible housings for different Super 8
cameras. I bought one pretty cheaply for my Nizo recently from eBay.


2008/8/26 k. a.r. <email suppressed>:
> Hi there Frameworkers,
> A little while ago we had a small thread about underwater cameras.
> Today at REI, I purchased 2 bags by the company DRY-PAK.
> They are pretty sturdy clear PVC bags with a serious closing mechanism.
> I bought two, one for my point and shoot and one for my little video camera.
> They say on the packaging that they are not guaranteed for depths, but I am
> only going snorkeling,
> so I won't be deep. Should be ok.....
> Anyway, thought I'd let you guys know, I'm sure you could fit a super 8
> camera into the larger size.
> Oh yeah I also need money like "esperanza" so let me know if you all want to
> donate to my cause......
> haha
> :)
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