Re: i need your help

From: Jim Flannery (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 25 2008 - 16:55:28 PDT

Monday, August 25, 2008, 3:46:32 PM, one spoke:

C> Ah, from Nigeria, of course! Am I the only one who finds it strange
C> that this person has never communicated to the list before, makes
C> their first contribution with a chirpy little note to answer Gene
C> Youngblood and then two and one half hours later sends this desperate
C> plea; especially when "I have been starving".....the default solution
C> for this kind of dilemma (if it is genuine) is to go to the embassy
C> or consulate of your nation.

As others have already pointed out, she has indeed posted to this list
many times.

If she *actually* were in trouble it's unlikely that she would have made
the post three hours earlier (I don't really see any point in calling
that post "chirpy" aside from what I'd call "asininity"). If she had
actually made the "i need your help" posting I suspect it would have
shown her normal command of the english language rather than the typical
419 almost-grammatical constructions.

What seems *most* likely is that she made her 0953 post from an
inadequately-secured network and her gmail account was hacked/spoofed (I
can think of half a dozen possible scenarios, would you like me to run
through them all?)

It's possible that everyone in her gmail history (or at least, everyone
she sent a mail to in her session this morning) got one of these; it's
doubtful that frameworks was specially selected for the honor, and I see
no reason to imagine it should be immune.

(What's *really* funny in this whole exchange is that Gene made
*exactly* the same request back in May and Esperanza made *exactly* the
same suggestion (although worded differently) back then.

Jim Flannery
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