more 24fps/18fps:B&H

From: Tom B Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 23 2008 - 06:40:38 PDT

Just a note about this - I know that many people do not like the Bell and
Howell 16mm automatic loaders, but with a super easy switch for 24fps to
18fps this has always been one of my favorite projectors. You can make up
a show reel with several short films and easily change projection speed as
needed during the show. (I have been known to slow down a sound film just
to change the pitch of the narrator's voice, this is especially effective
with films such as THE FUNDAMENTALS OF BADMINTON.) The switch is in the
lower left portion of the projector, just above the film path before it
leaves for the take-up reel. It originally came with a screw locking it in
place for 24 fps. Remove that screw (throw it away) and you can change
back and forth easily as long as the motor is running. As the little sign
says, change speeds ONLY when the projector is running. It is a safe
location, tucked away, realistically you cannot accidentally change
speeds. If you do somehow manage to do this, remove the cover and reseat
the belt pretty much as described for the Eikis - not a big deal.

So despite the bad rep these projectors sometime get for their auoload
feature, give them some credit for this admirable design feature.

        - Whiteside North Carolina

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