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Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 20:21:06 PDT

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They ARE honoring the remaining time on Film Arts memberships, at least per
the email I received from Michael Behrens:

" If you are a current Film Arts member you will receive a complimentary
Film Society membership. (So, welcome aboard.) Your new Film Society
membership is a) free, and b) vitaminized-most of your FAF benefits remain intact
and several additional new SFFs benefits have been added. And c) it remains
active for the term of your existing Film Arts membership. (On expiry, we will
invite you to renew with us.)

All Film Society year-round members get discounts and advance
enrollment on classes. "

oh boy. Another institution that sounds proud of itself. Who is it supposed
to be serving?
And what is this 'level' thing, like the film "connoisseur" bit? How
dreadful. Yuuck. There's no point in their being any more.
Best thing to do would be to take classes at San Fran City College and use
their equipment-- didn't Lenny Lipton give them all of his stuff? Did Duggan
ever will them his J-K?

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