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More and more arts organizations and local and state govt's have had to
adopt a sort of corporate model of sponsorship and funding, as the privatization
of government at the federal, state and local level continues, there have
been few options for those who want, at all costs to keep the arts as a vital
part of our communities

Ok, but why did they get rid of the workshop/craftsman part of FAF? The only
thing worth salvaging was the institutional, the "classes," the archive, the
What happened is that it got taken over, as always, by the-- at best--
scholar squirrels, the 'let's have another meeting' types. This kind of thing
happens all the time-- you see it in public broadcasting, in college radio
stations, wherever art tried to get away from business.
What's unacceptable is that the new FAF got rid of their equipment, and in a
rush, too. What other reason for them to continue? That was the whole

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