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Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 07:57:24 PDT

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The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 12 (Summer 2008)

(August 19, 2008) The Journal of Short Film released Volume 12
(Summer 2008) today. The JSF is a quarterly DVD that, to date, has
published over 130 filmmakers from 12 countries. Volume 12 is another
example of the JSF’s genre-leaping collections of the world’s best
short films.

The Journal was thrilled to have Steven Bognar serve as a guest editor
on Volume 12. Most recently, Steven’s feature documentary “A Lion in
the House” (along with Julia Reichert) made waves in 2006, landed on
many top ten lists, and continues to tour the world. (Visit

Volume 12 also benefited from another great relationship: that between
the JSF and the Media That Matters Film Festival. Three of the
documentaries on Vol. 12 come from the ranks of its winners. Every
year, Media That Matters showcases the best short films on social
issues and, online and in communities around the world, connects
activism to film. (Visit

But Vol. 12 has more than just documentaries, of course. Half of the
films are narratives, several are experimental, and at least one
includes a stop-motion animated piece of bread “following his heart.”
As always, some of the films are major festival winners, and some are
ones you won’t see anywhere else. Here is the complete list:

1. DRAKE – Christoph Rainer (2006, 5:00) “Visually striking,
appealingly radical, and painfully recognisable!”--Ronald Simons,
Rotterdam Film Festival 2. SUNBEAM HUNTER – Jonathan Schwartz (2006,
3:00) From 33 1/3 Series (an album of eleven 'in-camera' 16mm films),
with the sound following, echoing. 3. THE SECOND LINE – John Magary
(2007, 20:00) After MacArthur's savings are stolen from his FEMA
trailer, he and his cousin Natt take work gutting a house. 4. GARBAGE
DREAMS – Mai Iskander (2007, 8:00) Media That Matters presents:
Egypt’s resident garbage recyclers, the Zaballeen are struggling as
Cairo modernizes its waste disposal system. 5. MAN – Myna Joseph
(2007, 15:00) Maggie and her sister form an unusual bond during an
encounter with a young man. 6. HOMESLICE – Dan Olsen (2007, 10:30) BE
YOURSELF! ALL OF THE TIME! 7. REVIEW – Jenny Perlin (2004, 2:25) This
silent animated film connects a daily experience of tragic news with a
subsequent escape into cinematic entertainment. 8. ON THE
ASSASSINATION OF THE PRESIDENT – Adam Keker (2008, 6:00) This top-
secret government file is to be viewed only in the event of the
President's death by assassination. 9. A VERY SMALL TRILOGY OF
LONELINESS – Bogdan George Apetri (2006, 7:00) Three vignettes look
upon the same moment in time. A single moment, three people, the same
feeling. 10. A GIRL LIKE ME – Kiri Davis (2006, 7:00) Media That
Matters presents: Color is more than skin deep for young African-
American women struggling to define themselves. 11. SOMETHING OTHER
THAN OTHER – Jerry A. Henry and Andrea J. Chia (2005, 7:00) Media That
Matters presents: Jerry and Andrea have endured their share of
discrimination and have higher hopes for their newborn son. 12. ANNIE
LLOYD – Cecelia Condit (2008, 17:45) A daughter’s intimate portrayal
of the creativity and wisdom of old age.

The Journal continues to have a free and open submissions process.
Submissions should be sent to The JSF, PO Box 8217, Columbus, OH
43201, USA. The Journal remains ad-free and committed to independent
and underrepresented work.

Contact: Karl Mechem, publisher, The Journal of Short Film, contact


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