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Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 13:34:01 PDT

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If anyone is interested in following the changes concerning Film Arts
Foundation in San Francisco, the San Francisco Film Society (the org that runs the
Sf International Film Festival) issued the following statement a few minutes
ago. In short they are assuming "full stewardship of its
activities," i.e. granting filmmakers and (hard to believe but they say)
teaching classes. Does not look like they will be providing access to optical
printers, Steenbecks, Bolexes...

Typical-- it's all of the institutional, bureaucratic crap, and none of the
craftsman stuff. Which is what the FAF was all about!
The bane of the age--- it's all business, with lip service being paid to
art. Who got their hands on this once great organization? Librarians?
"Archivists"? Grant-writers?
Obviously not anyone who does anything, i.e . the artists. What a travesty.
This is what happens when you get in a position so that the money brokers and
the lawyers take over. The property will be the next to get cashed out.

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