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Date: Thu Aug 14 2008 - 19:42:29 PDT

I think any acetate print is susceptible to VS is not properly stored. That
said, if stored in vented cans (or if due to budget constraints, out of
cans) acetate has always been expected to last 100 years. The closed can
environment for long periods of time is the accelerant for VS in acetate
prints. Many prints from the last 20 years are now on mylar (estar) stock.
That's the rugged film you cannot tear. Films printed on mylar/estar stock
will not ever get vinegar, no matter what the storage. Only acetate prints
can develop vinegar.

So you are correct.there are certain prints out there that will never
develop vinegar.those on mylar/estar base.



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Thanks Larry,
that was an interesting read.
We should also remember that only certain films are even susceptible
to VS in the first place. Not every film will eventually suffer from this
I can't remember the specifics, though.
What is it?
Films that have a certain base?
Wasn't the period of these films definite ?
From the 70's only or something?

I can't remember, but I know whatever they are,
there are some of them here in the collection !!!!!


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