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Date: Thu Aug 14 2008 - 12:27:07 PDT


METAFEST - A juried online and offline film festival presenting the best in
international creative and contemporary short-form video entertainment

Presented by Metacafe and curated by Microcinema International

Deadline for Submissions:
.Digital submissions must be uploaded by September 10, 2008.
.Physical submissions must be received by September 10, 2008.

Visit for submission instructions.

Entrance Fee: None

Juror Panel:
.Hillman Curtis is a designer, filmmaker and author. His film work includes
the popular documentary series 'Artist Series,' as well as award-winning
short films. His three books on design and film have sold close to 150
thousand copies and have been translated into 14 languages.
.Glenn R. Phillips is a senior project specialist and consulting curator of
contemporary programs for the Getty Research Institute. He recently curated
the "California Video" exhibition, the first comprehensive survey of the
history of video art in California.

MetaFest will have a theatrical premiere screening in San Francisco on
November 13th, online screenings on, and numerous screenings at
microcinemas throughout the U.S. and around the world beginning in November
2008 and continuing throughout 2009.

Grand Jury Prize:
.US$5,000 cash
.Film featured on Metacafe home page for 10 days
.Featured in press release and media outreach announcing MetaFest winners

Short-Short Award for outstanding work in a video of 3 minutes or less, as
selected by Jury:
.$2,000 cash
.Film featured on Metacafe home page for 10 days
.Featured in press release and media outreach announcing MetaFest winners

Online Audience-Choice Award, as selected by viewers:
.$1,000 cash
.DVD selections from the Microcinema DVD catalog worth $250
.Film featured on Metacafe home page for 10 days
.Featured in press release and media outreach announcing MetaFest winners

Offline Audience-Choice Award, as selected by attendees of the San Francisco
theatrical screening:
.$1,000 cash
.DVD selections from the Microcinema DVD catalog worth $250
.Film featured on Metacafe home page for 10 days
.Featured in press release and media outreach announcing MetaFest winners

Honorarium Pool:
.The creator of each film selected for the MetaFest offline program will
receive a cash honorarium of $50 presented by Microcinema International.

Producer RewardsR Earnings:
.All filmmakers whose MetaFest submissions meet the eligibility criteria for
the Metacafe Producer RewardsR program are invited to submit their work to
the program. Those accepted will be paid for their work at the rate of
$5/1,000 views, receiving the first payment after the video is viewed 20,000

What We Are Looking For:
Short video, film and digital media submissions of 10 minutes or less that
are narrative, humorous, artistic, dramatic, animated, documentary,
mockumentary, music, experimental, alternative or avant-garde in any genre,
format or style.

We are primarily interested in engaging storytelling, innovative
presentation, creative expression, and works that bridge the worlds of
online and offline entertainment in a unique and compelling way. Films that
are well-suited to both an interactive online-viewing experience and a live
theater-viewing experience are preferred. Ideally, shorter is better,
unique storytelling is preferred, quality production values and creative
uses of technology are key, and a film that immediately engages viewers will
fare well.
We are not interested in "caught on camera" bloopers, how-to videos, films
that rely heavily on sexually explicit themes or images, or works that are
inappropriate for or uninteresting to a large and diverse audience.

Multiple submissions are encouraged. Films that have been previously
screened in other festivals are accepted. Please do not submit any films
that may be under an exclusive distribution or exclusive exhibition contract
with another online film/media website.

Please read our FAQ for the submission process and Terms for additional
All submissions are subject to MetaFest Terms.

If you have further questions about submission guidelines, please contact:
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If you have questions about the process for uploading your submission,
please contact: email suppressed

About Metacafe
With nearly 30 million unique viewers each month, MetacafeR is one of the
world's largest video entertainment sites. We specialize in short-form
original content - from new, emerging talents and established Hollywood
heavyweights alike. Metacafe delivers an exceptional entertainment
experience by engaging and empowering our audience every step of the way.
Our VideoRankT technology helps expose the most entertaining content, and
our Producer RewardsR program rewards video creators for their best work -
all as determined by viewer response. The privately held company is
headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., and has offices in Tel Aviv, New York
City and Los Angeles.

About Metacafe Producer RewardsR
The Metacafe Producer RewardsR program celebrates the creativity of our
community of video creators and supports the art of making short videos
well-suited to the web. Videos submitted to the program should entertain,
amaze and inspire viewers by bringing an original idea to life and telling a
story that captures viewers' attention and engages the imagination. The
Producer RewardsR program has paid over $1 million to video producers for
creating and submitting exceptional and entertaining original works. We pay
$5 per 1,000 views - you receive your first payment for $100 after crossing
the 20,000 views mark and being accepted into the program. Any creator of an
original video that meets the program requirements may submit it for

About Microcinema International
Founded in 1996, Microcinema International is a leading international rights
manager, exhibitor, and specialty markets distributor of the 'moving image
arts.' Microcinema International specializes in the acquisition, exhibition,
and distribution of independently produced works of an artistic and
socially-relevant nature. Our mission is to seek out, curate, exhibit,
promote, and distribute compelling works to a broad audience via existing
and emerging mediums. This mission is realized through exhibition-based
events, web-based platforms, educational outreach, modern marketing
techniques, and digital and physical distribution.


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