Re: vinegar syndrom contagion

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 13 2008 - 09:35:47 PDT

It is sort of contageous in that the gas given off that makes the smell can get into other cans of film and start to deteriorate that, as the other film starts to deteriorate it also develops vinegar syndrome and gives off gas etc.

The thing is tho, that it is a gas (which is why you are advised to let the bad film breathe), so in theory I guess it might not stay in the equimpment. I guess the issue could be that if you got bits of emulsion in your projector that have the syndrome then those could in theory spread. I'm not sure if that would ever happen in practice or not tho. I guess you will have to see what anyone else says about that.

It could be that it's a bit like a disease where someone actually has to cough on you rather than touch you.



--- On Wed, 8/13/08, amanda christie <email suppressed> wrote:

> From: amanda christie <email suppressed>
> Subject: vinegar syndrom contagion
> To: email suppressed
> Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 2:23 PM
> >Vinegar syndrome is not like a virus. It is not
> contagious to "good" films
> >if a "vinegar" film is run in the projector.
> Is that true?  Can others on the frameworks list confirm
> this?
> i've always heard that vinegar syndrome was indeed
> contageous... and i just did a quick web search now to see
> if i was crazy.... and all the sites that came up in my
> search said that it was in fact contageous....
> i've also always been told that you should never use
> the same equipment for vinegared film as for clean film....
> and that too came up in my web search.....
> i didn't find any evidence to the contrary... but i
> would happily be proven wrong....
> who else on the list has experience with vinegar syndrome
> and can give their own experiences with it's either
> being contageous or not.... and whether or not it's okay
> to use the same equipment as for clean film.
> amanda
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