vinegar syndrome clean up

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 05:27:47 PDT

greetings fair fellow frameworkers....

i'm working with some slightly vinegarred film.... it's slight... but the odor is definitely there... and the film is all twisty in the middle....

i'm going to reprint as much of it as i can by hand... but in the end, i will need to run a few loops of this stuff through a couple of my projectors (one of which is my favourite analysis projector)

so once i'm done with this project, i'll obviously need to clean the projectors well... are there any special tips or instructions specifically for cleaning up after vinegarred film?

will 99% isopropyl alcohol do the trick?
that's my plan... to take it all apart and simply clean the film path with alcohol...

let me know if there's anything else i should do before using these projectors again for clean film.

thanks so much,


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