Regarding; preserving flora and butterfly wings on 35mm celluloid . . .

From: Donal Ó’Céilleachair (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 02:37:00 PDT

hello there frameworkers:

has anyone had experience "fixing" organic elements to 35mm film ?
I'm currently working on a project inspired by Brakhage's 'Mothlight'
involving over 150 students each making their own 24-frame long
35mm film strip with local flora and butterfly wings
attaching them to the film with non-toxic white glue

the strips have all been 'made'
they have dried out and are ready for 'fixing'
we completed a test using an Elasco Acrylic Water-based Matt Application
(normally used for Charcoal and Pastel fixing, called Perfix
Colourless Fixiative and manufactured by Daler-Rowney)
and so far neither the celluloid
nor the organic elements
have reacted negatively to the substance

the strips need to be preserved to become part
of an exhibition that will travel to different venues
and before 'fixing' all of these 150 strips
i wanted to check in if anyone else has had experience with 'fixing'
organic elements
like this to 35mm celluloid

a description of the project follows below

many thanks,

Dónal Ó'Céilleachair

I'm currently filmmaker-in-residence in an Irish Speaking area of West Cork
as part of my residency i conducted an experimental filmmaking workshop
with the students (aged from 5 up to 13) using
Brakhage's film Mothlight as a point of departure
each student was given 24 frames of 35mm clear mylar motion picture film
and decorated their film strip with butterfly wings and local flora
150 students from over 7 schools in the Irish Speaking area in West Cork
participated in the workshops
the finished film, called Féilacán Solas (Butterfly Light),
will be 150 seconds long and be projected on 35mm

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