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From: Tom B Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 07 2008 - 07:15:30 PDT

Depending on what's inside, a lot of risk involved. Maybe better to go
with an underwater camera? Minolta made a very serviceable underwater
super 8 camera, any of those still floating around? (yuck yuck) Of
course using anything "underwater" changes as you go deeper - it's not
just the water, it's the pressure forcing the water into your enclosure.
If you are near the surface, maybe even a good double plastic bag
arrangement would work. But still, it's risky.

One note about water and electronics - if any kind of electronic gear gets
wet, DO NOT TURN IT ON. Open the unit up as much as possible (take the
covers off, etc) put it in a dry place, let it thoroughly dry out for
several days, even a week. Then try it. You can fry your device turning it
on when it is wet, absolutely kill it, it's dead. You've got a good chance
it'll be OK once it dries out, no chance whatsoever if you power up while
there's still water inside.

Of course if water gets in between lens elements you're stuck with that -
soft focus (or worse) forever.

Nikon sales rep told me a story in the early 80's - they were sued by a
customer who bought a Nikonos (underwater still camera, quite pricey),
read the instruction manual, took it underwater, loaded the film into the
camera, and gee, it didn't work. Instruction manual said nothing about
loading the camera before diving. They had to give him a new camera and
change the instruction manual. Of course their lawyers wanted to
countersue on the grounds that he was the dumbest son of a bitch on the

        - Whiteside North Carolina

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underwater encasements

Any suggestions about making handmade underwater encasements?


Marianna Elllenberg

Brooklyn NY

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