Re: 16mm film projection speeds

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 18:24:49 PDT

18fps can look great. For many of my own films, I prefer 18 (because
I tend to shoot too fast and not enough). And remember the urban
legend discussed here last February of Brakhage hating Warhol films
until Jonas realized he'd watched them at the wrong speed and made
him watch them all over again at 16fps - then he understood and loved
them! If true...

There is a real psychological difference in the perception of flicker
and the phi phenomenon. The more black between the frames, the more
the brain works to fill in the gap, the more the viewer is involved
with the perceptual process. Also if the projector is in the room,
it's quieter. There are many reasons to favor 18fps.

But I must say it's easier to find venues that project in 24. I blew
up some Super-8 work to 16mm keeping the speed at 18fps and I'm often
confronted with the choice of showing it at 24 or not at all. So if
you have the choice, shoot or print in such a way that the final
result can be projected at 24fps. It will make your life a lot
easier, unfortunately!


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>>Are most projection venues these days set up to choose either 18fps
> >or 24fps or is the latter speed somehow considered more universal and

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