Optical Printer & Oxberry Animation Class in Boston, begins in September.

From: Adam Savje (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 15:27:27 PDT

Hello All,

I am teaching a class on the optical printer and oxberry animation stand
in the fall, some of you may be interested in this class I know some of
you in the Boston area have needed access to an oxberry or optical
printer. Email me if you have any questions.

We have an Oxberry master series animation stand with full motion
control and a jk optical printer with a ThingM sequencer system.

Thanks Adam

For more information and to see pictures of the gear and to register
click on link below and click on graphic:


CDAN2X1-01 Optical Printing and Animation

Massachusetts College of Art & Design

September 10th - December 10th Wednesday Nights 6:30pm - 10pm Room
North-273 3 Credit Course

Before Flash, Photoshop or digital animation, there was the animation
stand and the optical printer. The optical printer is used to
rephotograph already developed film, allowing for a kind of exploration,
alteration or extraction of particular image qualities. The animation
stand, a film camera on a movable mount with motion control for
photographing artwork, allows for the design and repetition of multiple
accurate moves. This class focuses on learning the art of analog film
effects on these versatile devices, which were the basis for the design
of today’s digital programs. Learn how to shape the space, time and
light of the motion picture image. Play with the magical qualities of
the celluloid image. Students will work on 16mm film and quickly gain
hands on experience through numerous demonstrations and exercises.
Screenings of key works, both experimental and mainstream, will
illustrate myriad techniques. No prior film experience necessary.
Students of all artistic disciplines are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.