Re: Nightmare!

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 04:11:15 PDT

> This is bullcrap. Nobody has "nightmares" in which they
> are frightened because they are having dreams. Nobody
> dreams about having dreams about anything, let alone the parts they cut
> out.

> > Au contraire-- many dreams include some image
> > where you have a dream-- sometimes that very same dream.

I actually often dream that I'm dreaming.

sometimes, there are several dreams nested within one another... and the worst is when they are nightmares... i will be having a nightmare, and then wake up in a panicked sweat... yet... i'll actually still be dreaming, and just as a i start to get a grasp on reality after 'waking up' things get crazy and freaky again... it turns back into the nightmare... and then i'll 'wake up' from that one only to have the same thing happen over and over again... it's a continual dream of waking up from dreams but not really waking up.... this makes the 'real' waking up quite disorienting, because i am then uncertain as to whether or not i'm actually awake, and i keep waiting for reality to twist. this uncertainty of reality will sometimes persist throughout the day as a vague feeling of distrust as i half-expect the tangible world around me to dematerialize.

in terms of dreaming of color girls... i can't remember anything specific, but when i am working on something, i definitely dream of that....

the most recurrent "film" dream for me happens after working with lots of chemicals (go figure)... just a constant washing back and forth of chemicals... it's more of a tactile/kinetic sensation dream than an optical one... i feel the chemicals gently washing back and forth over my body and through my body, i feel my body washing back and forth with the chemicals as if suspended in liquid... and yet i'm dry... and so is everything around me... albeit bathed in a red or amber safe light.

amanda dawn christie

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