Politaoke Tour!!!

From: Diana Arce (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 01:50:34 PDT

Hi Frameworkers!

Thanks so much for your help and assistance with making this tour. It
will premiere tomorrow at the Hallwalls in Buffalo as part of the
Buffalo Infringement Festival. I was hoping maybe some of you could
assist me further:

I still have a few spaces in my tour calendar and am looking for other
locations across the country to bring Politaoke:
Aug 4: Chicago if possible!
Aug 15-19: Northeast States (Washington, Oregon, or any city easy to
get to from San Francisco but not in California)
Sept 14-17- Southern States (Kentucky Tennessee and Washington DC,
Baltimore Area)
Sept 30/Oct 1: Boston, MA

If any of you have any contacts or tips for these areas, please let me

Best Regards,
Diana Arce

Feel free to forward this information to anyone who might be
interested and check for more details and updates on www.politaoke.com

Current Tour stops include:

July 30-31: Hallwalls Center for Contemporary Art, Buffalo, NY
August 2: Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Detroit, MI
August 6: RagTag Cinema, Columbia, MO
August 12: Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA
August 13: 7 Dudley Cinema, Venice Beach, CA
August 14: TBA, San Francisco, CA
August 23/4: TBA, Denver, CO
Aug 30-Sept 4: The UnConvention, Intermedia Arts Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
Sept 5: Dissident Art, Montreal, Canada
Sept 9: Common Grounds, FLEX Film Fest, Gainesville, FL
Sept 10: Stardust, Orlando, FL
Sept 13: Hart Witzen Gallery, Charlotte, NC
Sept 18: Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Sept 19: TBA, EyeAM, Troy, NY
Sept 24: Hampshire College Art Galley, Amherst, MA
Sept 26-28: Dumbo 12th Annual Arts Under the Bridge Festival,
Brooklyn, NY

More tour stops are still being added daily. For more information and
to see if Politaoke is coming to a town near you, check out www.politaoke.com


--Now you too can deliver the great rhetoric filled speeches of
today's most important politicians. Why settle with hearing
politicians when Politaoke allows you to become them. Politaoke, an
audience participatory political karaoke bar, changes the face of
politics and karaoke by allowing audience members to take on the role
of political leaders. Who needs American Idol when you could be a
presidential candidate?

Politaoke will make its US debut at the Hallwalls Center for
Contemporary Art in Buffalo New York as part of the Infringement
Festival and tour across the US in cities across the country from July
30th until October 2nd, 2008. First performed in January 2008 in
Germany, Politaoke has been expanded to include speeches, interviews
and other appearances by American politicians currently in and running
for office.

Politaoke provides the audience a platform to perform, mock and
finally hear and see clearly what their politicians say. Completely
nonpartisan, Politaoke allows the audience to decide how to interpret
each politician's words, whether serious or in a sarcastic manner. The
politician's speeches and interviews are provided, word for word, only
edited into sections (songs) of 1 - 8 minutes. A series of debates,
interviews and television appearances are also provided as duets.

Created by Diana Arce, Politaoke is a natural progression in her (in
person) work as an artist, filmmaker and activist, who is interested
in using artistic methods as a platform to engage in political and
cultural critique and commentary in the public realm. Much of her work
stems not only from her personal experience, but also from
contemporary politics, economics and news. She is also notorious for
her prize-winning karaoke performance at Pan Am Lounge in Berlin.

Politoake is sponsored by the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany and
supported by kJams, Karaoke software for the Mac.

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Diana Arce

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