Re: Scratching on film

From: C Keefer (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 28 2008 - 13:53:45 PDT

Jonathan -

Some of Baerbel Neubauer's films from the 1990s, particularly Moonlicht (Moonlight), 1997.

Though we only rent her prints in 35mm, their original format. They're spectacular...

We also distribute an hour long program of her work which is half 35mm direct animated films and half current
digital work.

Not the same at all, but the 90s direct films are also on her Colors & Minutes DVD release, available on the
CVM online store.

best regards,
Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music

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>From: Jonathan Walley <email suppressed>
>Subject: Scratching on film
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>Hello everyone,
>Does anyone know if Amy Granat's films are available for rental? And
>can anyone recommend good examples of scratching on film? I'd like to
>show some "scratch films" to an into 16mm film class this fall. I have
>David Gatten's What the Water Said in mind, and some Norman McLaren. Of
>course I'd like to show a Brakhage - is there an especially good one
>that anyone would like to recommend? I know about Taka Iimura's work,
>which I'm considering, and Sharits' Stream Sectioned, etc. I'd really
>be interested in recent work - any recommendations, on or off list, are
>greatly appreciated.
>Jonathan Walley
>Assistant Professor, Cinema Department
>Denison University
>Granville, Ohio 43023

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