Re: cliches

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 24 2008 - 19:26:36 PDT

Santiago Vernetti wrote:

> Sure,
> but doesn't cliche suggest a moment so familiar and attached to
> particular meaning that it reveals itself, its intentions, its
> craftedness?

Yes, or partly yes.

When I taught filmmaking, I certainly encouraged students to avoid
clichés. I used to joke that I would like to ban films of other students
clowning around in the school building, as well as films of yourself,
your lover, and your parents. Those were big clichés decades ago.
Perhaps it's harder to make something of a cliché than to make something
of "newer" subject matter. Certainly you lose some viewers just by
having a clichéd subject.

Still, I just think that there are no rules about what makes good art. A
good artist makes her or his own rules.

Fred Camper

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