Paul McCarthy's 'Film List': Close Radio, Bruce Conner installation

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Date: Thu Jul 24 2008 - 00:25:28 PDT

Paul McCarthy's "Film List" continues all this week with ''CLOSE RADIO",
a sound program running until Sunday July 27th all day in the Whitney's
Film and Video Gallery. In the 1970s, the Los Angeles radio station KPFK
hosted Close Radio, a weekly half-hour program organized by McCarthy,
John Duncan, and Nancy Buchanan. During the time this radical program
aired (1976-79), it challenged all the conventions of broadcast radio
and presented a wide range of works through sound. Moving
chronologically through the 111 broadcasts, a different group is played
each day. The broadcasts can all also be heard on the website of the
Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (, which has a
complete list of the artists. The Close Radio broadcasts are courtesy
the J. Paul Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. Special thanks to
Glenn Phillips.
From July 30 - 20 August we will then present Bruce Conner's triple
screen projective installation "Eve-Ray-Forever" (1965/2006), a version
of which was shown at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University in
1965. This is a rare opportunity to see Conner's stunning first and last
installation, which includes 'Cosmic Ray'. Paul McCarthy cites Bruce
Conner as an important early influence.
Details of the next 5 programs will be posted shortly, including rare
screenings of Kurt Kren's structural films, 'The Sound of Music'
screened upside down and backwards, and Duchamp's 'Anemic Cinema'
projected into a mirror.
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