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From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 13:03:39 PDT

I don't get it - you're making them on the computer and shooting on to film stock?

How are you outputting from the computer to film? Shooting off a monitor? Printing onto paper and shooting that? Printing to videotape and then transfer to film?

You could export TIFF's of each frame of your sequence in FCP. Then print these and shoot them on an animation stand or optical printer?

Or if it's an LCD monitor you could shoot frame by frame that way - never experimented with this so it might be insanely difficult to eliminate screen flicker.

In any case, make your titles in FCP or AE at higher than DV resolution. DV is terrible for thin lines in text. Use DVCPro 50, or even HDV (not the best) or a super high end HD format.

Also, playing the QT file on your QT player is never as good as NTSC out through firewire from within FCP.

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>On Wed 23/07/08 12:33 PM , julie murray wrote:


>Am generating titles in a variety of apps to shoot onto film stock and find the only ones that stay crisp are ones made in Photoshop that don't move (no scrolling etc).

>AE and FCP full res quicktimes produce wobbly edges if set to motion, - AE more crazily than FCP.

>Anyone have advice they can pass along?

>Much appreciated.

>Julie Murray

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