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Date: Sun Jul 20 2008 - 06:22:53 PDT

To state the obvious technically all we have is neural pathways that are
stimulated and these are processed by the brain - there tends to be no one
to one relationship between stimuli and response - in dreams neurons fire at
random and the brain in a desperate attempt to make sense of these create a
collage - this collage seems to stimulate other areas of the brain including
those that govern our emotions, etc. - to wit the potential for nightmares
as well as sexual experiences - when we wake we further process these
experiences into a narrative - editing out or forgetting significant
portions of our dreams - eg. The dream or nightmare content is the result of
post production
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> But what, exactly, is an "image" in a dream?
> You know, a vision, a picture, even a thought. I think everyone's had a
> dream within a dream at some time.
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