When Worlds Collide, Sat July 19 at 119 Gallery in Lowell

From: Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 15 2008 - 20:22:10 PDT

Hi folks,

I'll be improvising with four musicians from
different parts of the improvising tradition at
119 Gallery in Lowell on Sat July 19. Walter
Wright's ensemble will also do a set. SPARKS WILL

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell

Multimedia: When Worlds Collide
Saturday July 19 8pm, $10 donation

When Worlds Collide:
Eric Crawley - analog synth & Harpejji
Glynis Dragonlady Loman - cello
Keith Sanders - viola
Michael Bloom - bass & tabletop guitar
Dr T - video mix
Mitch Ahern - invented instruments
Michael Bloom - bouzouki
Joe Brown - guitar & percussion
Walter Wright - analog synth, laptop & video

“I like to work with live video improvisation as
well as rendered video. I do this both in my own
studio, and at concerts and events in the Boston
area. I use a WJ-MX30 mixer, a couple of decks,
and a large pile of DVDs. These are primarily my
own work, including both finished pieces and
excerpts from work in progress.

“One long-term goal is the creation of situations
in which musical improvisation and visual
improvisation are integrated -- the musicians are
watching the video and reacting to it, and the
video artists are listening to the music and
reacting it. I've developed some interesting
material in my studio along these lines,
sometimes taking on both roles myself!”
--- Dr T

" Practice makes perfect, imperfect is better."  -- Paul Bley
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