Re: FRAMEWORKS Digest - 12 Jul 2008 - Special issue (#2008-341)

From: julie murray (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 14 2008 - 13:14:17 PDT

Hello Nicky,
 This is the very stuff I need to purchase. I called Kodak here in the US quoting the 7983 number and the person taking the order could not locate it in their catalog. Tech help out to long lunch, so I am waiting for.....I don't know what exactly...
Do you by any chance have more numbers I can lob at them? Or a name of product they can recognize?
It is a long time since I bought it and it seems all has changed in the interim.
Much appreciated
Hope all is well with you

Julie Murray

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 11:43:33 +0100
From: Nicky Hamlyn
Subject: Re: DIY film leader
Kodak 7983 is a black-coated, single perf 16mm film that has the same
characteristics as light-struck film. It can be bleached to clear,
but that removes everything.
You have to buy 2 x 2000 foot rolls (a lifetime's supply!) , but it's
relatively cheap: 120, or about $240 in north America,
Nicky Hamlyn.
On 12 Jul 2008, at 07:22, Myron Ort wrote:
> I
> If one wanted to make a "scratch film" using black leader, what is
> generally available today? Can mylar black leader be scratched the
> same way as the old acetate stock?
> Myron Ort
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