Re: DIY film leader

From: Myron Ort (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jul 11 2008 - 23:22:43 PDT

I need a little refresher course in photo chemistry and other little

Starting with old B&W acetate film stock, how does one make clear
leader so that the qualities of having an emulsion side remains
intact. (eg. emulsion side absorbs tinting dye colors etc., backside
does not)

Does household bleach remove the emulsion properties along with
everything else?

Best way to make "black leader" from film stock? I assume: fully

Will homemade acetate "black leader" be as opaque as the old
commercially available acetate black leader.

If one wanted to make a "scratch film" using black leader, what is
generally available today? Can mylar black leader be scratched the
same way as the old acetate stock?

Does the emulsion side of current mylar clear leader respond to dyes
the same way that acetate clear leader did?

Does the old animation cel acetate have an emulsion side? Using the
tongue test I cannot detect a difference between one side and the
other really.

Generally speaking, what are some of the (secret?) chemicals and/or
types of chemicals that are used to make experimental soup for
breaking down ( perhaps in interesting ways) the images in already
processed finished film .

Has some of this esoteric craft been anywhere discussed in print yet?
(I am talking way post the groundbreaking SB 'Giving and Taking

Myron Ort

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