From: maria morata (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 14:39:48 PDT

Hallo Esperanza
I saw the film in Rotterdam and it was projected in a regular screen.
But we got an english translation of the Film's text to read.
best (un abrazo)

esperanza collado escribió:
> hey frameworkers,
> im doing some research around Gil J. Wolman´s L´Anticoncept. As far as
> I know it was designed to be projected on a weather balloon, but Im
> doing a curation project and I doubt I can get such thing. I see the
> film was projected last february 08 in rotterdam, at the film fest.
> did any of you see it there? how was it projected?
> pip, you probably know...
> any suggestions are more than welcome.
> yours,
> e.
> --
> Esperanza Collado

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