Re: Land's new works

From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 08:02:33 PDT

Yes, I¹d say Mark & me.
They are funny & good, although rough and not really out put suitably for
screenings yet.
³Undesirables² includes pastiches of a variety of classic avant-garde films,
which for me work to differing degrees. The concluding one, pastiche of
³wavelength² not so much; earlier pieces, including pastiches of
³Thanatopsis² and ³Critical Mass² (which is why we included them) and
³<--->² more so, usually due to the play of language and performer and other
tensions set up in the scenes, which were very different from the films
being referenced. Very good.

³Why do we disrespect our genitals?¹ is a shorter amusing piece about the
attraction & tension between a sexy motorcycle-riding woman and the devout
restrained Christian man, with the script seen visually on screen. For me a
more straightforward expression of that dialogue as he describes. I don¹t
think this one is as essential, but it was fine.

More reflection to come.

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> Just curious who on this list might have a brief review following the
> screening at LA Film Forum. Adam Hyman? Mark Toscano? LA frameworkers?
> Thanks,
> A.
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