Screenings in Kitchener, Ontario this week

From: Images Festival (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 30 2008 - 14:07:07 PDT

Hello Frameworkers,
Sorry to post theses separately--missed TWIAG deadline.
Please join us this week in Kitchener (formerly Berlin) Ontario --
only 1 hour from Toronto and 2ish from Windsor/Detroit!

THE IMAGES FESTIVAL (Toronto), the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) in association with CAFKA (Contemporary Art Form Kitchener & Area) present:

Double Vision >> Kitchener, Ontario

July 2 - 3, 2008, 8 PM
The Gig
137 Ontario Street
Kitchener, Ontario
5$ suggested donation

In Phil Hoffman's 1990 film Kitchener-Berlin, he travels between these two cities recalling their histories (Kitchener was known as Berlin until World War I) and creating a poetic document of memory, ruin, and reconstruction. Using this film as a starting point, these two programs collect together new and old works that investigate cities and place both near and far. Memories of travel, migration, and time passing mix in these documentary and experimental compositions to explore place both as an insider and as an outsider.

travelling thru with eyes closed tight (map #2 January 03 thru January 06), Christina Battle [2006, 35mm on video, 4 min] CHRISTINA BATTLE IN PERSON!
Notes in Origin, Ellie Epp [1987, 16mm, 15 min]
Kitchener-Berlin, Phil Hoffman [1990, 16mm, 34 minutes] PHIL HOFFMAN IN PERSON!
Parade, Lothar Spree & Detten Schleiermacher [1972, 16mm, 12 min) STEFANIE SCHULTE STRATHAUS FROM KINO ARSENAL, BERLIN IN PERSON!
the distance between here and there, Christina Battle [2005, 16mm, 8 min]

Canadian Pacific, David Rimmer [1974, 16mm, 9 min]
A Time to Dwell Parts #1 & #2, Katherine Jerkovic [2006, video, 15 min]
Red Hotel Blue Venice, John Gagne [1991, 16mm, 6 min]
Waterworx (A Clear Day and No Memories), Rick Hancox [1982, 16mm, 6 min]
Canal, Richard Kerr [1981, 16mm, 21 min]
Japan: Kesei Line Single Take, Ian Toews [2001, 16mm on video, 5 min]

Double Vision is organized by The Images Festival (Toronto) and the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC). These programs are a part of a touring project that is taking place in three pairs of partner cities in Canada and Europe: Montr´┐Żal and Paris, London, Ontario and London, UK and Berlin, Germany and Kitchener, Ontario.. Both of these shorts programs were presented in Berlin Germany at the Kino Arsenal in November of 2007.

Double Vision made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Scott Miller Berry, Executive Director
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8 CANADA
(416) 971 8405
images [at]

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