Re: film print.

From: Kerry Laitala (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 27 2008 - 10:10:56 PDT

Dear Hassan,

Well, Kodak makes a fine, grain tungsten-based 16mm color negative film stock (7212) Link posted below:

My starting Exposure/ color balance combinations for this stock are: 100vlts., 20 Yellow, 20 magenta, ND.6, F8.

The other option for greater color saturation, but you will have to use a Wrattin 80A filter because it is a daylight balanced film stock is the Kodak 7201, 50D, 16mm film stock. The consequence of using this stock would be that you would have to compensate to 2 stops of light loss. Both stocks have relatively fine grain,& good color saturation, and I have had extensive experience shooting these stocks on the optical printer.

Of course, Fuji makes beautiful, 16mm color negative films stocks, but I haven't had as much experience with them as it's easier and cheaper to get short ends and re-cans of the Kodak stocks which will save you money.

A couple of Fuji stocks that would proabbly yeild good results would be the Fuji, 60D 16mm film stock:
Again you would have to use the Wrattin #80A (dark blue), the consequence of using this would be that you would have to compensate to 2 stops of light loss. But again this is a fine grain stock that would give you great color saturation.

The other option would be the Fuji 16mm film stock:
The speed is greater, so you would have to use some darker ND filters to cut out some light.

There are probably other stocks out there that I don't know about.

Of course, Exposure/color balance tests are very useful before mastering the whole thing.

Well, I hope that this helps, I have an optical printer pdf. file that I could e-mail to you that I give to my students when I give instruction on the he optical printer if it would be useful, but I don't know what your sequencer/ o.p set up is, so it might not all be pertinent. Good luck!!

Kerry Laitala


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