Re: 16mm titles?

From: James Cole (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 27 2008 - 07:11:17 PDT

If you get transparencies made (like the kind from grade school),
they'll work pretty well. The black background might come out a
little light if you just get them made at Kinkos, but you can get a
few layers made of the same words, stack them a about four layers
thick and absolutely no light will be able to get through the black
areas. Then, hold them against a light box. The white will be clear,
and you'll get a ton of light through it, and no light at all should
get through the black, if you have enough layers. If you shoot in on
hi-con stock (I think Kodak 7363 is the one I've used, but I'm not
sure about that) the whites should be crisp white and the blacks
should be ink black. Plus hi-con film can be processed as negative or
as reversal, and can be hand processed really easily.

On 6/27/08, ev petrol <email suppressed> wrote:
> howya
> & sorry if this has been asked already (if so maybe just send me to the
> archive! had a look but couldn't find ...)
> any tips for shooting 16mm titles (at home?)
> have been doing it with black-on-white text flipped to white-on-black on the
> photocopier and shot against a light box, usually grand, but the last batch
> don't look so hot (the contrast leaves a bit to be desired)
> how does anyone else do them?
> cheers! moira
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