Re: WTB Duplikin for 16mm to 35mm

From: Myron Ort (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 23 2008 - 09:51:31 PDT

> Yes, but I'm attempting to make 35mm slides, though 120 would be
> nice option.
> Alain

The Duplikin II is the only basic (and relatively inexpensive)
device I know of for making 35mm slides or negs. from 16mm frames.
It is what it is. Apparently it is not the ultimate way to make high
quality 16mm frame enlargements for print publication. Fred Camper
once described his alternate methods, maybe it is in Frameworks
archives. The Duplikin II seems to be a physically well made device
by Century Precision Optics and they do come up on eBay now and
then. I am wondering if the "lower quality" lens they used inside is
the primary reason that they are criticized or if there is something
inherently compromised in its very concept. Both the Cinelarger and
the Duplikin require some test roll experiments to get the exposure
zeroed in. These are the readily available devices and just like
comparing Bolex registration to Arriflex or Mitchell or
whatever.....well, we make art out of the tools we can get and the
ones that suit our working style or budget... not necessarily
worrying about certain levels of technical perfection all the time.
( eg. close enough for avant garde film....).

Myron Ort

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