Re: WTB Duplikin for 16mm to 35mm

From: Myron Ort (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 23 2008 - 08:20:29 PDT

There was also the Cinelarger for 16mm and 8mm. No lens involved at
all. They blow up to 120 roll film. They are super cheap (less than
$25 for a vintage collectible). There is an abundance of them on
eBay. They are so primitive and beneath contempt that even the
Duplikin nay sayers won't bother to discourage you from using them.
Years ago I used them to make 16mm and 8mm frame blow up to about 16"
x20" black and white prints with an enlarger. The prints were a bit
fuzzy around the edges to say the least, but interesting none the
less. Never tried color. Can you even get 120 roll film anymore?

I have used a Duplikin II as well. I recall making some blow ups from
a funky 16mm print of Dr. Caligari. They weren't that bad but the
whole process is a downhill slide in quality, which sometimes is

Aren't there digital scanners now which can accommodate 16mm film

Myron Ort

On Jun 22, 2008, at 7:21 PM, 40 Frames wrote:

> Does anyone have a Duplikin for converting 16mm frames to 35mm film
> (slide or neg) they are willing to sell?
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