Re: sync 16mm projector to external sound device

From: Zach Poff (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 21 2008 - 16:11:55 PDT

I made some (free) software called Film-O-Sync that does this. We use it
frequently with students at Cooper Union Art School and it works great. You
add a DIY tachometer to the projector and load your soundfile on a
Macintosh. You have to watch the 2-pop and trigger the sound in sync, but
afterwards the software will chase the projector's speed changes (note that
there's no absolute time reference like you would get with LTC). Full
instructions and the download are here:
It was made in the MAX/MSP/Jitter visual programming environment, and the
source files are included. So if you have access to MAX you can tweak it
however you want.

Also, I've heard that there are lots of problems getting an LTC track to
"stick" to optical, since the fidelity is so low and the projector
alignment is quite variable. I have a friend who striped LTC on mag and
used a double-system projector to drive a DA-88 digital tape machine for
surround. It worked great but it weighed 100 lbs!

ProTools would work, but only with a TDM system and the "slave driver"
rackmount interface. Not cheap.

Good luck!

-Zach Poff

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