sync 16 projector with external sound device

From: sebastien demeffe (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 20 2008 - 15:41:25 PDT

Hello everyone,

I’m just about to finish a project for which we want to synchronise any 16mm projector with a digital sound player.
So far, I’ve been thinking about laying a sound time code LTC on the optical track of celluloid.
Then the sound out put from the projector will be connected to a little TC translator, like “Midiman” box, who can translate LTC, VITC and Midi TC from one to an other.
After what connecting the TC output chosen to a sound player set on slave.
I don’t know what kind of device thought.
DAT but I don’t know which model would understand a TC as a start play command or maybe a lob top with a Protools slaved by the midi TC or any newer numeric sound player.

Does anyone believe in this idea?
Did anyone have tried before?
Any other suggestions?

Thank’s in advance,

Best regards,


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